How To Enrich Your Retail Business By Bringing It Online

For sales on the Internet, you need many things: to create a website or an account on social networks or an eCommerce app, to deal with the delivery of goods to customers, and to establish promotion and payment acceptance. We have put together an article with essential tools for working online to make it easier.

The article will help orient those who have only recently started working online. Bonus: in the article, you will find free templates and examples of solutions, and at the end – a step-by-step guide to the sell online.


Create A Website

You must quickly and cost-effectively launch a website or an advertising page for a specific product or promotion. For example, what kind of discount works to invite to a webinar or test whether there will be demand.

You can use a website builder. With its help, you will assemble a website in half an hour, and it will immediately appear on the Internet. The site is made from ready-made blocks – like Lego, and you do not need to spend money on design and development.

Almost all builders are free, but some may have paid options. Therefore, when choosing, pay attention to the features of the work: suddenly, the designer does not know how to do something essential for you or knows how, but for money.

Here is what we advise you to know:

  • Is there a free version, and what does it include? For example, is it possible to set up payment acceptance for free?
  • Do I need to manually adapt the site for viewing from a mobile or tablet?
  • How easy it is to set up payment – can you do it yourself, or will you need the help of developers or other specialists?

Describe Your Products And Services On The Site

Describe your services so that they attract as many customers as possible.

Use proven templates: 

Your marketers, copywriters, and even yourself can use them. To help, there are numerous templates available on the internet, just copy and paste your numbers and facts. These are straightforward examples, but with their help, you will describe the business in an hour.

Use diagrams & text:

Use the diagrams and examples from our course for entrepreneurs on sales text. You’ll get templates to help you prepare your promo page, email marketing, product promotion, and compelling customer reviews.

Free Or Near-Free Ways To Attract Customers

How to attract buyers in a crisis is a big topic, and it deserves a separate article. Here we have collected simple and free tips.

  • Tell about yourself in regional publics and groups on social networks. 

Usually, each district or city has its group on social networks, and often not even one. You can find them in a keyword search or look at your subscribers – for sure, many of them are members.

  • Connect with business neighbours. 

Come up with a joint promotion, for example, a promo set of products from several manufacturers at once, and tell all participants about it on social networks.

  • Offer something free that can be used online. 

Examples are a consultation, a video recipe, online training, and a marathon, where participants receive interesting tasks and share their impressions.

  • Work with recommendation services for buyers, where you can tell about yourself. 

In most cases, you can describe your services and work schedule and respond to reviews.

  • Ask customers to leave reviews about you.

On social networks, profile sites, or reviews. Maybe it will not give sales now, but it will launch an advertising wave, and you will be remembered.

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