How To Look For Escorts Service Near Me Online

You must have been exponentially curious at a new location on how to find escort service near me. Yes, it does become a bit cumbersome and slightly risky to go out and seek one if the area you are in happens to be a conservative nation such as India, UAE or similar. Furthermore, it is not advisable to go out seeking pleasures of the flesh in a new place. Hence, there are a few ways veteran playboys have practised to land the most supple escorts; wherever they go.

Ways to ensure quality & safety while looking for an escort

There are multiple recommended methods to go about it and a few don’t that you should follow; to keep yourself out of unnecessary problems. After all, pleasure is what you seek, which you should receive, not legal or social hassles. Below are the time-tested tips which are most practical and give the best results with utmost safety.

  1. Newspapers: This is where everyone classy and crappy comes to show off. You will find many ads whenever you open up the newspaper’s classified advertisement section. Some will be boxed with bold borders, while others will have just the service and phone numbers to contact. You should carefully screen the ads and look for an ad composed well. A good ad reflects the quality of the escorts being offered.
  1. Dating Apps: The best because they have many people on them with an open offer of escort services. Their photos will be in the profile, mentioning monetary transactions for their time and intimacy. Moreover, there are direct messaging facilities available on their apps too. Some apps take it forward with voice and video call services if both parties are interested in communicating.
  1. Cruising: The old method from when there was no internet, dating apps and social media profiles were not even dreamt of. It means going to areas famous as the pickup points of escorts and meeting them in person to select, negotiate and finalise. This is an easy and quick way to land an escort in a new city.


There is a set of don’t as well, for your safety and peace of mind. After all, you would never want to be ripped off your precious reputation, health and money (on an encounter with the escorts). Thus, below are some of the most vital steps you must take when going on a carnal adventure.

  • Phone Number: Even if you are not a regular escort user, you should never share your primary or office phone number with the escort agency or escorts for communication. It is an absolute don’t. If you intend to be a constant seeker of carnal pleasures, then it would be best to take another number or phone that is not registered on your name; to be on the safer side.
  • Identity Documents: Never carry your ID cards or business cards, as they might be the source of finding your work or home location. Thus, putting you in a tough spot if you do not wish to disclose your sinister side that may be full of carnal desires. So leave all personal identity documents at home or the office whenever you go out to have some fun.
  • Selfies: Never take selfies with the escorts in a compromising position. This may again be a dangerous thing for your reputation in future. Do avoid the temptation of taking some photos or video souvenirs.
  • Choice of Place: It is always best to meet or take the escort to a neutral place which doesn’t belong to her or you. This minimises the chances of you being robbed or caught in a compromising position to be blackmailed later.
  • Cash: Always deal in cash, and don’t pay through PayPal or any online payment method. So there be no trace of payment from you to the escort. This, again, is a method to break any connection that might be there to establish that you used the escort service.

Following the above and being alert would increase your pleasure without putting you at risk. There would be many other search methods that you will come by in your journey of seeking escorts. Some would work best for you, while some will fail. But consistency in evolving your search methods will get you best escorts in the future.

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