How to Make BHO: Process to Make high-quality BHO shatter?

In this article, you will learn about how to make BHO? But, for this, you will require the material which is mentioned below.

Materials Required to process BHO Shatter

Before making a BHO shatter, you need to keep a few things in mind to make a high-quality BHO shatter. You must have the required equipment and accessories like roller, CBG (Colibri Butane Gas). You will also need a knife or blade, pump for vacuuming, silicon tray or mat, desiccator, glass, container, and fresh buds etc. And the area where you will process should be open to the air. You can choose your terrace or balcony.

How to Make BHO?

Step 1 – Take Fresh weed

Take a fresh and the best weed for making the BHO shatter. You can choose freshly cultivated weed that should not be dried. Now, you have to fill up the extractor tube and cut the bits of weed by using scissors. Fill slowly and press down so that there should be no space in pockets. When it becomes full, keep this in a freezer for 24 hours together with the gas. You will need one butane can of M roller extractor, one and a half butane cans of L roller extractor, and two butane cans of XL roller extractor.

Step 2 – Deposition of BHO

After 24 hours of freezing it, you can set the spot on your terrace in the open air, keep the glass tray on the plaque, and start heating it at medium flame. When it becomes hot, take out the roller, keep it on the glass tray vertically, and deplete the gas. And keep observing when the gas goes lower down the tube. It will bring cannabinoids too. Also, the gas will evaporate. Due to this evaporation, there will be only a golden layer left.

Step 3 – Removal of Extract

When the gas evaporates then, remove that extract by Knife or blond blade. Ensure to place the extract in a silicone container so that it cannot be stuck with it.

Step 4 – Molding of BHO

Now keep this extracted material in a silicone tray in the fridge for some time. Then, you can make use of the tray. If the extracted material seems to be more sticky, then keep it in the refrigerator and repeat this process until it is not done. You can mold it using a lump; avoid using your hand.

Step 5 – Purge the BHO

Now, you can flatten it by bending the tray, and now you can use your hands to flatten it to make the shape of a coin. By flattening it, you will remove the gas that is still inside. Now keep it in a desiccator on a silicon mat. You will have to keep the desiccator on the plaque at forty degrees and connect the vacuum pump. In a few moments, the extract will plump up, but you need not worry, as it will go down again.

Step 6- Refine the Shatter

After 2 hours, you can open the desiccator slowly and remove your extract. If it is easily moldable, you can place it in a fridge again. It will break the tension between resin and the gas, which will help to purge the butane impurities. After some time, keep it again in a desiccator. You can repeat this process for three days to remove all the gas.


This was the complete guide on How to Make BHO safely? You can follow these steps in any outdoor area or on the terrace.

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