How to Safely Use a Chipper Shredder: Tips and Tricks

We know that the developed and developing countries are moving towards renewable sources of energy. Biomass is one of the most explore able renewable energy sources. 

Wood Chipper, agriculture waste, house waste, paddy waste, etc are significant raw sources of biomass energy. The wood chipper machine is one of the best portable equipment for creating raw materials for biomass energy. Ecostan Machinery, a well-known and credible Chipper Shredder and briquette-making company, shares information on how safely use a Chipper Shredder and their tips and tricks. 

About The Chipper Shredder

A chipper shredder is also known as a wood chipper machine. The shredder machine is used to reduce branches, twigs, and leaves to mulch and compost material. It also helps you to keep your landscape, backyard, or park looking its best. Wood chipper machine for sale is available in different weights, sizes, and power versions. The chipper shredders range from light-duty electric machines to heavy-duty and gasoline-powered machines. The high-powered Chipper Shredder easily chops branch several inches in diameter.

If you want to trim back your trees or hedges and are left blank, how to use the chipper machine? You can follow the 7 Safety Tips For When Using A Wood Chipper.

Whether you have recently bought or hired a Chipper Shredder machine to do maintenance of your garden or backyard, before beginning to start using it, you should follow some tips and tricks to avoid accidents. We know that using such equipment as a Chipper Shredder can always be dangerous without proper guidance or training. So follow below given points and tricks to minimize your chances of an accident. 

Removal of Hazardous Clothing

It is one of the basic necessities while using the Chipper Shredder machine. If you use a chipper shredder, remove your loose clothes to decrease the risk of accidents. Ensures to wear fitted tight clothing that covers your arms and legs with enclosed boots. A fit and tight suit also reduces the risk of getting hit by any flying debris. So, avoid hazardous clothing like loose upper and lower garments, necklaces, rings, bracelets, belts, large work gloves, and ties. 

Always Protective Gear:

It is the most protective way to decrease the risk of accidents. A Chipper Shredder user should always wear protective gear (PPE) when the machine is working. These protective equipment are safety goggles, a hard hat, and earmuffs. Safety goggles save the user’s eye from small particles. A hard cap will ensure any flying debris will not harm your head. 

Follow the Chipper Operating Manual

According to wood chipper experts, slowly feed the materials, and use a large pole to push any debris so you don’t have to place your hands near the blades. It is noticeable that different Wood Chippers come with vivid guidelines. So, it is essential to read the guidelines before using the machine. Every machine has its limits, so don’t overload them otherwise, you will increase your chances of injury. 

Clear the Area on Intervals, Where Works

It is the common spreading of debris while you work. If debris falls to the ground around the working area while you are working, make sure to keep it clean. You can clean manually or with the sweeping machine, but must clean to reduce the risks of slips and falls. You can sweep with a broom or rake to avoid slipping or falling while working on the Chipper Shredder.

Never Work Alone

It is very-important to note never operate a machine like Chipper Shredder alone. Suppose an accident occurs, if someone is not near or with you, you can meet a dangerous situation. So, it is crucial to have someone who can help you shut off the device emergent to come out of the accident. The colleague can apply first aid and call for help quickly. A colleague can prevent, significantly, an injury to you that could be big without their support. 


Always remember to follow the safety guidelines while working on the chipper shredder. You will get a leaflet on safety measures and a user manual when taking the wood chipper machine for sale.  It should be noticeable that every wood chipper is different and has vivid requirements to run or work. 





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