How to Select the Perfect Chino Pants

Chinos are an American classic, but they are a notoriously tricky piece to get right. With so many different kinds on the market, there is no shortage of options for how to wear them. But it can take time to pinpoint what type of chino will suit a body and lifestyle. While mens chino pants come in all lengths, colours, and fits—from slimmer-fitting khakis to more relaxed straight-leg cuts—here are a few tips that will help narrow down the following purchase:


Pick the right rise.

Unlike the length of the chinos, one can customise their rise. The term ‘rise’ refers to where the waistband sits on the body. The higher it is, the longer the pants and the more formal they’ll be; with a low or flat-front design (the most casual and generally preferred), one will want a lower rise, so they don’t hang too low on the waistline.

Avoid chinos with a lot of stretches.

It should go without saying, but avoid chinos with too much stretch. Stretchy pants are usually less durable, and they also don’t look as good (the hemline won’t lay flat), feel as good (they’re often too baggy through the seat and thigh), and are more expensive than regular-fitting chinos. If one finds themself in need of a pair of chinos with a lot of giving, consider the slim fit instead.

Keep cuffing to a minimum.

Cuffing is the extra material that extends beyond the pants’ hem. When done right, cuffing can be a good thing: it gives one more styling option, and it’s a subtle way to add some extra flare to an otherwise basic pair of chinos. But if one is not careful, cuffing can make the pants look too short. Keep cuffs at or below the ankle bone when wearing boots or shoes with heels—the higher they go up on the leg, the smaller they’ll appear!

Choose the right colour of chino.

If considering buying men’s chino pants, one may wonder which colour to pick. When it comes to selecting the fitting pants, there are several things one should consider:

  • The versatility of the shade. Unless they are neutral, like black or tan, most colours look fabulous with different types of shirts and shoes. Some colours look amazing with other items in the wardrobe, such as belts, ties, or even hats!
  • Skin tone: One must ensure that the new chinos will complement one’s skin tone by picking a shade close enough without being too bright or dark for your complexion. For example, someone with fair skin would want to avoid darker shades like navy blue or brown because these would wash the face out; instead, one must wear something like khaki green which will help one look fresh-faced while still being stylish at the same time!

Choose between slim and regular fits.

There are two types of chino fits, but only one will look good on a particular body. Slim-fit chinos are a tighter, more fitted style ideal for men with an athletic build. With a more tailored cut and smaller thigh and leg openings, they give off a modern look while offering plenty of comforts. These pants are the best bet if one wants something worn in any situation (from casual days at the office to nights out with friends).

As the name suggests, regular fit chinos offer a looser silhouette than their slimmer counterparts, making them perfect if one has larger thighs or calves (or wants extra room).

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