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How to start a content writing company?

With the growing demand for content writers, it only makes sense to start a content writing company. With 4.66 billion users on the internet, high-quality and relevant content is an excellent way for businesses to connect with their customers and drive new ones. Content marketing services are being integrated into promotional campaigns, which means businesses need content writing services now more than ever.

You are limited when you work on your own as a freelancer, as you can only take on so much work. Building your own content writing company is a great way to get started, with unlimited growth opportunities.

Here are 5 tips to help you get started today.


#1 Conduct thorough research

For a business to be successful, you need to conduct thorough research at the start, and throughout your journey. This enables you to gain a deep understanding of the market, what it means to own a content writing business and how you can gain a competitive edge in the market.

If you are an established writer yourself, don’t make the mistake of assuming you know the market, because running a company is completely different. Research can help you find the best way to structure your business, what taxes and legal obligations you have, how to hire and pay writers, how to structure your fees, what your competitors are doing, what is working for your competitors, and what is not, what problems your target market is facing, the solutions you can provide your for clients, what is trending, what marketing efforts would be most beneficial, what your budgets should be and much, much more.

#2 Create a business plan

The next most important step is to take your research and put it into a business plan. As tedious as it might sound, a business plan can set you off on the right track and drive your business to success.

A business plan will guide you to complete the relevant research that is key in getting your business off the ground, as well as help you create goals and milestones to achieve, to give your business the best chance to succeed. Your business plan will be something that you can refer to regularly, to keep your business on track. It also comes in handy if you wish to secure funding or bring in stakeholders. Expect your business plan to change and develop as your business and the industry grows.

Your business plan and research will help you to make informed and strategic business decisions right from the start.

#3 Build a website

Think of a website as your portfolio. Regardless of what marketing efforts you choose, your customers should always be driven back to your website. Your website is the home to your content, which is a great way to showcase what your business is capable of, as well as the place to convert your customers.

For a website to work its magic on potential customers, it must first be well optimised so it can be found organically, as well as include captivating sales copy that reassures your clients that your content writing company holds the solution to their problem. With the strategically placed call to action, you can easily win over any visitor that comes to your website.

An online presence is critical in the 21st century for building credibility.

#4 Recruit a trusted pool of writers

When you have established your goals and know how your business is going to run, the next big step is to get yourself a pool of writers that you can trust. Your business plan will define your business structure. Some companies prefer to hire and train their in-house writers, while others choose to establish a group of freelance writers that they can call on when needed. There is no right or wrong, it just depends on how you want to run your business. You can tap into platforms such as LinkedIn, Upwork, and Fiverr to help you find writers that can help you hit the ground running.

It is important when recruiting new writers that you interview to determine if you can work well on projects together, and ask them to write a short article so you can decide if their writing style and work ethic is a good fit for your business.

#5 Promote your writing company

Now you have a business plan, a website, and writers, you just need the work. The best way to drive customers is through adopting a range of marketing strategies.

Regardless of your budget, all companies at the very least should

  • write regular, high-quality content on their blog to drive organic traffic
  • set up your company on various social media platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter and engage with groups and communities
  • adopt on page and off page SEO strategies
  • utilise word of mouth marketing

If you find yourself with more budget, you could invest in Facebook Ads and Google Ads too. As you start to grow and gain your first few clients, you may consider investing in a marketing company to help drive your growth.

When starting a content writing company, the research and planning will set you up for success and drive your business forward. Continue to learn and keep your mind open for new opportunities, and you can guarantee your company will skyrocket.

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