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How to Take Care of a Motorized Scooter for the Elderly

You’ve just got a mobility scooter for an elderly family member and want them to enjoy some of the independence they once had. You might think it won’t be too difficult to manage, but there are a few things you need to know before handing them their new ride. Motorized scooters for elders can get pricey, so they must be taken care of properly to save on costly repairs down the road.

Check out these helpful tips for getting started with your loved one’s new PMD (Personal Mobility Device).


4 Tips to look after a motorized scooter for the elderly:


Make sure the rider has a nice, safe place to store their scooter. If possible, it needs to be dry and out of direct sunlight, so try not to leave it parked in the middle of the driveway where pets or kids might bump into it. By storing your vehicle properly, you improve its longevity and reduce the risk of it getting stolen or damaged. If you cannot keep the scooter in a garage and have more open space outside, parking it in the shed will also protect it from rain.

Keep it away from water:

Water damage is the biggest culprit for mobility scooters that no longer work. Leaving your vehicle parked outside or in an open garage during rainstorms can significantly shorten its life and increase the risk of rusting and getting damaged. If you need to park under an open area like a carport, make sure to cover it with a waterproof tarp to keep it protected. Any exposed piece of metal on the scooter is prone to catching rust. Oiling these pieces can prevent rusting from happening and minimize wear and tear.

Acquiring the vehicle can be just as difficult as looking out for it, and a reputable Medicare insurance company like The Benefit Link can help you save some money in the process.

Wear and tear:

Even though you might be buying a machine for an elderly family member, you still need to take care of it the same way you would for any other vehicle. Motorized scooters are expensive equipment that will last much longer if used properly. Try not to leave them sitting in one place for too long, especially if they’re stored indoors. That can cause the tires to crack and become damaged quickly. When you take your vehicle out for a ride on sidewalks or roads, make sure there’s nothing in its way.


Your loved one’s mobility scooter has a battery that needs to be charged regularly. Leaving it plugged in for too long can make the batteries wear out quickly, reduce its longevity and leave your elderly family member stranded. Try to maintain a state of charge between 20% to 80% as it will not overload the capacitor and keep the battery fresh for a longer period.

A motorized scooter for elderly people is a sensitive machine. The battery is a part that requires active maintenance. You cannot leave the battery without charging for long as it will start to lose charge over time. Changing the batteries after every 6 to 8 months is also a good practice.

Taking care of your scooter will ensure it lasts for a long time and gives your loved one independence without you having to feel stressed about breakdowns or costly repairs. By following these simple tips, you can help them take good care of their new mobility aid and keep it running smoothly as they go on with their daily activities!

Follow our tips so you can avoid problems relating to motorized scooters for elderly people. Please visit the FAQs section below to get more information.


What kind of batteries should I get for my scooter?

There are two types of batteries for scooters: gel and lead-acid. Both have their pros and cons, but we recommend getting a gel battery as they tend to last longer than regular ones, which need more maintenance and care.

What kind of oil should you be using on your mobility scooter?

We recommend lithium-based oils that come with an anti-corrosion guarantee. Lithium-based oils are less harmful to the environment and last longer than regular ones, which can cause damage and rust faster over time.

How much weight will your motorized scooter carry?

Most of them have up to 500 lbs carrying capacity, so they should handle most patients.

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