Hurricane Season

How To Upgrade Your Jeep for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season presents serious weather concerns for everybody affected by it. There are usually about 10 named hurricanes per season, and each is capable of causing mass destruction. Sometimes roads are covered by water and sometimes, roads simply wash away. If there were ever a vehicle designed to face the ravages of hurricanes, it is the Jeep. 

Utilize a Bestop for the Weather

Bestop soft tops and supertops are rugged and durable and can withstand heavy winds, thus ensuring the safety and protection of the people and objects inside the Jeep. Bestop tops are made with the highest-quality materials, which means that from thread to fabric, they can withstand serious weather conditions. 

Whereas the standard Jeep top might be a relatively thin vinyl material, Bestop tops are thicker and more resistant to tearing. The Trektop Glide slantback soft top features triple-layer acrylic twill fabric, which is synonymous with strength. Even the tinted window panels are heat-sealed, virtually establishing the Trektop as one unrippable covering that offers visibility and even has built-in storage compartments.

Prepare for Floods

There are several ways that you can prepare your Jeep for flood scenarios. A set of Jeep wheels/tires that are big and rugged, sitting under a lift kit application can raise your center of gravity and help to protect the Jeep’s undercarriage and exhaust system. Sitting higher off of the ground also helps to ensure that things in the cab remain dry, especially electrical components. As far as the exhaust system goes, to protect it when threatened by rising water, consider an exhaust-fording kit and a smog pump. 

Snorkels effectively let your Jeep breathe underwater. When you find yourself in deep mud and watery trenches, it’s a snorkel that provides the essential air intake for the engine. Many snorkels are designed to bring that air intake all the way up to the windshield. 

Upgrade for Moisture

Waterproofing your Jeep’s electronics is difficult but not impossible. It is certainly worth it, especially if you live in a hurricane, or flood, zone. There are brands that make chassis harnesses for waterproofing ignition switches, waterproof power distribution packs and waterproof fan relay kits, among other things.

All of the caps that sit under your Jeep’s hood are susceptible to water intrusion. Fluid cap sealing creates a scenario in which there is no leakage, no matter how much water pours through. Room temperature vulcanization (RTV) silicone is an appropriate material to use.

Jeep owners are not afraid of less-than-favorable conditions concerning the weather, but hurricane scenarios offer more serious elements to deal with. Whether you’re talking snorkels, suspension upgrades or retrofitting your Jeep Gladiator JT from fluid caps to the tow bar, there are steps that Jeep owners can take to protect their Jeeps and ensure that they are able to travel at will in the most rugged elements. Visit an online auto parts store today or walk in to your local store to check out the inventory of Jeep parts and accessories to better prepare your Jeep for hurricane season and beyond.

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