Huawei Mate Book 14 Inch PC complete Survey

Huawei gives cell phones and is popular to this. Yet, presently they additionally give workstations. They are alluring and the elements of the workstations are likewise awesome. They give a large number of workstations too.

Huawei presented the different series and sorts of the Mate Book. They presented the 14 inch PC that sports a perfect plan and different appealing elements in it. Huawei gives different Mate book series of workstations.


Detail Of The Huawei Matebook 14


Weight: 1.49kg

Level: 15.9mm

Width: 307.5 mm

Profundity: 223.8mm


Size: 14 inch

Goal: 2160 1440 pixel

Type: IPS

Working Framework

Window 10( you can overhaul it on window 11)




Recessed camera 720PHD


512 GB


56 WH



Fabricate and Plan

It has a 14inch PC. The proportion is 3:2. It is close to Xpro yet the distinction in weight. It is an alluring result of the Huawei organization. It has an extraordinary plan 14-inch PC. The showcase is great and it is responsive as well. By and large the PC looks pleasant.


The 14-inch show is adequate contrasted and the cost. The showcase isn’t all that brilliant yet great. The goal is sharp and really great for office work. The difference is great and the tones are not really dynamic.

Trackpacked and the Console

Huawei gives a white backdrop illumination on the console. Which helps you in squeezing the keys. You can undoubtedly press the keys and feel good when you are taking care of business on it. The track stuffed of this PC is additionally extremely smooth and great. The distance between the keys of the PC is additionally great. What are Oacian? Types, Characteristics and Qualities


In the event that you see the exhibition of this PC, this PC is additionally generally excellent. It is particularly great for office work or the understudies. However, it isn’t suggested for weighty burden work.

As the power is falling short on this PC yet the IPS screen is more responsive. It has just a 60 GHz board. Furthermore, you can likewise mess around on this PC.

Battery Duration

The battery managing is ordinary. According to the organization, the battery time is 10 hours. Yet, it goes on for the entire day. You can undoubtedly do all your office work or on the other hand on the off chance that you are an understudy, take care of your responsibilities without any problem. As indicated by certain clients, the battery duration is short.

Last phrasing

Huawei generally remembers the cost of the items. They give a mid-range cost, so the understudies can likewise purchase this PC. The screen is more responsive. It is modest.

It is great for office work since it is an office work-accommodating PC. You can get it, it is truly great for the understudies. By and large getting it is a decent decision.

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