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I Can’t Access Dlinkap.local Setup Wizard!

Can’t you access dlinkap.local setup wizard? Don’t you worry! We are here! Read this post once and get the fixes to troubleshoot “can’t access Dlinkap.local setup wizard” in no time. Shall we start?

Here are the fixes to troubleshoot the Dlinkap.local setup wizard not working issue:

  1. Connect the Extender to Router

The very first fix that you have to try in order to fix the issue is to ensure that you have properly connected your devices. You can either use an Ethernet or a wireless source to build a secure and solid connection between them.

Once the connection is successfully made between the devices, you can head over to the next fix.

2. Power on Your Devices

After making a connection, plug your devices into a working wall outlet and turn them on.

So, have you plugged in the devices? Are the LEDs on them stable?

“No, they are still blinking”.

Oh! No problem! Wait till they become stable. They will take time, but become lit shortly.

Now, are they stable?

“Yes, they are! Thank you! What is the next step?”

3. Turn on a Device

The next step to access the dlinkap.local setup wizard is to turn on a device.

“Do I have to update the internet browser?”


“Ok! Just one question! Why there is a need to update the internet browser?”

Because you have to enter http://dlinkap.local in the URL field of the internet browser and it will not work if the browser you are using is outdated.

“Can’t I use the browser’s search bar for entering http://dlinkap.local?”

No? Because the search bar will not redirect you to the dlinkap.local setup wizard. It will only give you search results and you have to choose among thousands of sites.

And, this is not with the URL bar. It will directly take you to the setup wizard of the WiFi range extender.

Note: Please copy-paste the web address because we don’t want you to make typing errors.

“Argh! What is this?”

What happened?

“I have used the browser’s URL bar for entering the web address without typos, but I am getting the http://dlinkap.local not working issue. There aren’t any useless tabs opened or pinned and the browsing history is also cleared.”

“But still, why am I getting this error”?

Why worry! This is common! Just make sure to turn off your mobile data while using the WiFi network to access the dlinkap.local setup wizard using http://dlinkap.local.

“But, I am using the mobile data”!

No problem! Just turn off your WiFi.

“But, why?”

Well, if you want their WiFi signals to get messed up with each other, then there isn’t any need to turn off any one of them.

“Ok, got it!” What would be the next step”?

4. Provide the Extender’s Login Details

Upon logging into your range extender, you have to provide the default login username and password (unless changed) into the given fields.

Click Log In (option may depend upon the device you are using).

Fab! Dlinkap.local setup wizard displays. Reaching here, you can:

5. Change the Extender’s Default Settings

Perform the D-Link WiFi extender setup process to access the internet in every nook and cranny of your house.

And, to make the most out of the extender, perform the D-Link firmware update process.

“But, I have forgotten the admin details of my D-Link WiFi range extender. What to do now? Will my extender won’t be able to start?”

No! Who said this? If you have forgotten the admin details of your D-Link WiFi range extender, then you can reset it to get them back.

Yes, you read it right! Don’t’ worry! This process will not harm. Rather, it will give your extender a new start.

Note: Please take the backup of the extender settings prior to resetting it.

After resetting your D-Link WiFi extender, you can gain access to the dlinkap.local setup wizard again using the steps provided above.

So, can we hope that the tips we have provided you in this post helped you to access the dlinkap.local setup wizard in a hassle-free way? Please share your feedback!

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