Impromptu Family Dinner Plans? Here Is How You Can Manage Them Easily!

Life in Pune is super-fast. From work to travel to frequent parties, there is so much to do in the city. At this point, family dinner is the much-needed break after long days of work. Because it does not happen every day, but whenever it happens, it turns out to be the best. If you are also thinking of a family dinner, yet do not want to spend all the time in the kitchen, then this blog is for you. Here you can find the best family restaurants in Pune, giving you food delivery for everything that you and your family love.  

Top Family Restaurants for Food Delivery  

Shahji’s Parantha Express   

This family restaurant has everything that you must have cooked at home. From starters to main course to desserts, you can find everything here for everyone in the family. The fine-dine and takeaway restaurant has a wholesome menu, including shahi dahi bhalla and aloo tikki as starters. For the main course, you can choose from a variety of options in parantha and naan thalis like Paneer Naan Thali, Cheezy Cheez Parantha Thali, etc. Or there are combos of thalis served for 4 with sabzis and types of rotis, and paranthas. End the menu on a sweet note of lassi or gulab jamun or jalebi with rabdi and so much more. Also, you can choose from the rice servings for more.

P.K Biryani House   

Family dinner calls for a feast. And the feast is incomplete without Biryani, right? This is where PK Biryani House’s food delivery services come into the frame for organizing a fun family treat. Order from a mouth-watering menu full of Biryani, including Prawn Biryani, Shahi Veg Biryani, Mutton Dum Biryani, and so many more. With this, you can even pick the gravy and bread choices, followed by the desi additions of lassi and buttermilk. Make your family dinner as good as always with this fabulous family restaurant.  

E-square The Fern  

If you have kids in your family, then this place for food delivery can be a great idea. This place serves a special section of Kid’s food, including chicken sliders, french fries, macaroni and cheese, etc. So, no kid is going to go home hungry. With this, the Western delights, main course, and delicacies of E-square make it a place of a special menu for a special night. The Indian main course also includes everything of sabzi and dal with naan and rotis for a delicious meal after so many games of poker.  

Shorba Family Restaurant  

As the name says, the place is going to be full of flavors and mouth-watering food choices. Pick from a menu of paneer and chicken tikkas, butter chicken and paneer butter masala, varieties of dal, veg jalfrezi and several other main course options. With this, Indian bread includes laccha paratha, naans, Phulke, and so much more. This family restaurant can offer you a wide range of food delivery for a fab party and lip-smacking dinner. 

Brahma Garden  

This place for food delivery can be heaven for vegetarians. All credits to a huge range of authentic starters full of spices. There is nothing that you will not find here. The place has a collective range of Chinese food and a secluded chef-special range with unique food options. With this, here you can always trust the main course segmented into a vegetarian range and a special paneer range. And the bread and rice options are countless! So, you will be full of happening food facilities here.   

Zam Zam Restaurant 

This amazing place can be the food hub for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The restro offers main courses from various cuisines and ensures a filling diet for 4 people for sure. So, get a full-fledged dinner including main course, biryani, rice, and some unique dishes like kaju curry, veg jaipuri, Hyderabadi chicken, and many more chef-special items. Also, this place is reasonable enough for having a feast at the best price. The next time you are looking for budget-friendly food delivery options, you can be here.   

Malabar Restaurant  

If your family dinner is not just a dinner but a weekend party, then you got to get the food delivered from Malabar. The menu of this place will give you all the answers to why. Its huge and drooling menu includes varieties of chicken biryani, chicken fry, beef fry, beef curry, fried rice, paneer delicacies and so much more. So, you can go ahead with this place every time you want to have a non-vegetarian party. 

Hotel Maharashtra 

This place truly justifies the fact that you are living in Maharashtra. After all, the menu for food delivery here can satisfy you and feed you with the best food. Literally! Here you find all the desi foods of chicken, mutton, paneer, vegetables, sev tamatar and a lot more. So, you and your family will be the happiest because they are fed well. In fact, there is a FIFA range here, too, in case the plan is for a match. 

Bliss Bistro – Chula 

This restaurant can be a reasonable and ravishing option for those looking for a fun family hangout. Get your blissful food delivery from here and enjoy a delicious meal after you have ended a long day. You will get numerous Chinese starters, main course, breads, salads, and desserts for a complete family dinner. Also, you do not have to wait for long as this place is quick at delivery.   

These places in Pune are all set to make your weekend fun. Enjoy a happening meal with amazing food delivery options that will reach right at your doorstep. For this, you can place your delivery from Swiggy, offering you all the fantastic restaurants and scrumptious family meals in one place. Order online and be free from a chaotic day in the kitchen. Moreover, Swiggy is always open to discount deals and offers to add more to your happy feast. So, visit online, scroll, and make your family gathering less tiring and fun.   

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