custom cbd packaging

Innovative custom CBD packaging designs that will rocket your sales!

custom cbd packaging

The Global CBD market is projected to reach a total of USD 3,420,4 million by 2027. Some of the major Cannabis selling companies have reported a 22% jump in their cannabis sale in the pandemic. In-short, CBD industry is thriving without a doubt. However, the honey is rapidly attracting bees to itself and this is making the competition in the cannabis industry rising rapidly. If you are also a bee fighting for a large chunk of honey, then let us give you some techniques which will definitely be useful for your hive in the near future!

To set your product apart from others; innovation CBD packaging is your best weapon. Packaging alone can dress-up your product so much so that the customers get impressed upon glancing at the product. Custom packaging does more wonders for your brand if used at the correct time. In-fact, innovative custom CBD packaging designs will rocket your sales like no other.

Some innovation CBD packaging boxes designs

While creativity has no bound, we can give you some very creative CBD box designs. This will give you an idea of the range of custom CBD packaging styles out there in the market. Every product has their own requirement, but some typical CBD box styles include;

  • Gable Box: these are a mixture of a box and a bag. CBD gable boxes are sturdy and carry things like dog treats, CBD hemp, CBD candies and CBD cat treats etc. These are simple; however, product details and company logo can easily be printed on the front of the bag.
  • Lock cap 123 bottom box: These boxes are best for the packaging CBD oils, and CBD drops. These come in small and large sizes with secure bottoms. These boxes also have space on the outside for printing company details as well as product details. They are widely used in the CBD industry for the packaging of various products.
  • Pillow Box: pillow boxes are also quite famous as they acquire less space. These boxes are made to store cannabis sheets, and other thin cannabis items which do not acquire a lot of space.
  • Lid of box and tray: this box style is used to store larger items. It has a very secure bottom and a lid that can be easily taken off. Depending on the nature of the product it is widely used by CBD product sellers.

There are many other types of box style. They are actually a variation of the boxes mentioned above. These box styles can be used with custom printing of company log, company name and product details. Personalized messages can also be printed upon these boxes to give them an awesome vibe. Eco-friendly boxes are also in trend these days. Read more article from here

Eco-friendly CBD packaging boxes are great to differentiate your brand

Today’s customer is well-aware. They know how harmful packaging can be to the environment. Many customers prefer to use Eco-friendly products to support the cause of “go-green”. Others have completely boycott the use of products that are harmful for earth in any way. In such times, to please your customer and to protect the environment you can opt for eco-friendly CBD box packaging. Theses boxes are made of Kraft, Bux board, or other safe-environment materials. They are recyclable and easy to dispose off. Other than this, eco-friendly packaging can help you boost your sales in these ways;

  1. Customers that are environment conscious are ready to pay more for earth-healthy products and businesses can cash this.
  2. Customer satisfaction increases if CSR becomes the objective of a company and customer base expands within no time.
  3. Customers become loyal and prefer to buy from your brand due to your positive contribution to the environment.
  4. Government pressure groups also support you and you can get some help from government institutes.

Get creative and earn more out of custom CBD packaging

Companies like are experts at creating innovative designs for your brands. They offer wholesale prices and let you decide what you what in terms of your CBD packaging. Keeping this in mind, we recommend you to get creative. Explore your options and see which designs suit your CBD products. Whichever compliments your brand the best, communicate to a reliable manufacturer and get the best packaging out there. CBD custom packaging is sure to increase your sales over the period of time and we promise you will not regret your decision of choosing custom CBD packaging.

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