Insta-Guide to Earn Likes

Users on Instagram can now conceal the number of likes. Do they still matter? The response is “yes.” Insta-likes continue to be very significant.

 If you overlooked it, at the beginning of 2019, Instagram worked extensively with hiding post-like numbers, sometimes known as “like counts,” from some feeds.

Based on CEO Adam Mosseri, the move was made, as was an element of the business’s initiatives to ensure its customers’ psychological health. The goal was to improve overall customer interaction and reduce competition. According to Instagram, we urge your friends to emphasize the photos and videos you share rather than how many likes they receive.

People received the move differently: some appreciated not being concerned about being competitive, while others believed they had been informed about what was trendy.

The hitch is that the Instagram algorithm still functions precisely as it always has; whether you conceal the number of likes or not, it always knows.

Therefore, here are eight strategies to encourage users to click the heart button on Instagram, whether their likes are displayed or not.

How Can I Increase My Instagram Likes in 2023?

  1. Content Is King Because It Rules Everything

Although it may seem simple, quality content is the most crucial element in obtaining Instagram likes.

When a business brand or influencer invests time and money into creating amazing content, you can tell because they receive more Instagram likes.

Of fact, there is no universally applicable answer to the question of what constitutes “excellent” content. We do, however, have specific recommendations for you to abide by:

– Adhere to a recurring topic

Because they enhance your profile stunning and unified, color palettes and feed aesthetically are popular on Instagram. Because of this, people who read your post certainly recognize them.

– Display a distinctive style

In light of this, posting content that stands out from the crowd on Instagram will increase likes. For instance, we adore how influencer Camilla Ackley adds stickers to her images.

– Possess a superior camera.

Even if iPhone cameras these days are pretty good, a good camera still beats them all. Professionally presented content stands out and has a higher chance of getting liked. Use high-quality stock photos from websites.

2. Plan your hashtag strategy.

Using hashtags for your brand’s benefit is one of the most accessible natural methods to get attention. That does not imply that your posts must include the hashtags #top, #amazing, or #hair. It requires using a specific hashtag for the business brand and industry. To grow your Insta following, you must use hashtags. Your post will appear on the hashtags page if it includes a hashtag.

Choose appropriate hashtags

Once you have a branded hashtag, it is easier to locate relevant content and influencers. Use business hashtags to remain updated with trends and stay competitive.

You can wind up in a total stranger’s feed if people follow hashtags. Surprise!

Regardless of whether you use service or product hashtags, periodic hashtags, abbreviation hashtags, or location hashtags, most people concur that it’s advisable to maintain it under 11 tags.

  1. Match the quality of your images with your captions.

Quality media is essential for drawing in a captive audience. However, what about the caption? Pay attention to that section of the document, or respond instinctively. Your text could be as engaging as your pictures if you use the ideal words and tone.

Setting your audience’s expectations is essential if you want to prioritize producing high-quality captions. They will devote more time to your postings and look forward to the captions for future ones. With practice, the skill of caption writing can be enhanced.

  1. Make a photo & location tag.

Photo Tags 

Using relevant accounts to tag promotional content with, such as those of the brands or items mentioned in the post, industry influencers, or individuals you believe would truly love or be engaged in the post, is a top Instagram marketing tip directly from Hopper HQ.

Your post’s chances of surfacing on the Search results page of the tagged account’s followers will rise if you organize it, improving your audience reach, impressions, and interaction potential!

Like hashtags, tagging duplicate repeatedly accounts in posts without a compelling argument runs the danger of coming off as spam. Try tagging the person and then addressing them in a remark to initiate a conversation to prevent this. This will explain why you tagged them and demonstrate your sincere interest in their content.

Location Tags

It is more than just a way to boast about your excellent taste in workspaces or breweries when you geotag your location because it allows many to view and appreciate your pictures.

It might be even more advantageous if your company has a physical presence since you can encourage a sense of belonging amongst your habitual clients and establish a baseline. (Keep in mind to check your coordinates on the map before posting.)

  1. Adopt a meme or a fad

Memes and online posting fads can still produce exciting impacts when applied effectively. Memes that cover several topics and concepts have whole Instagram pages focused on them. Before anything else, ensure that the group you are aiming for is relevant. They are aware of popular culture if they do this and utilize it regularly enough to recognize a meme when they see one. Consider your target market carefully before embracing a trend or general idea because a meme may be more provocative than helpful businesses where this type of humor is inappropriate.

  1. Post Frequently (at the appropriate time)

There are statistics available that offer you some great starting points. The optimal time to publish on Insta can vary based on the type of material you upload, your niche, and your intended audience.

  • According to Hub Spot research, the posting should occur on Thursdays between 2 and 3 pm.
  • According to Sprout Social, the preferred posting hours are Wednesdays around 11 am and Fridays between 10 am to 11 am.
  • Additionally, Expert Voice discovered that the optimal times are between 11 am to 3 pm on Wednesdays.
  • The ideal time to post is between 9 to 11 am EST, but that does not say which day it is.

To evaluate what appeals to your particular audience, we suggest you interact with one another often.


Increasing your Insta following may aid your business’s growth and outreach. The options we have suggested here are a wonderful place to get started; however, you have more alternatives apart from these. Engaging likes with influencers and certain other firms is a fantastic way to grow your following and gain more post likes.

Whenever your followers comment on your content or interact with other content creators while they include your work, you can both gain a lot from doing so. Success requires being sociable, considering that it is digital networking indeed. To improve your follower count, you can tag significant accounts in your posts, leave comments on other people’s viral content, and follow more users in your niche. As your follower count rises, so do your opportunities to receive likes.

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