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Five Key Factors that Affect the Knee Replacement Surgery Cost

Knee replacement surgery is very common these days; especially among the older generations. The surgery is generally done if you are unable to move; and feel pain in the joints even while you are resting. Also, the most common type of knee surgery is osteoarthritis. But there are in all a lot of factors; that can decide the knee replacement surgery cost. Also, if you want to get your knee surgery from one of the best orthopedic hospitals in Kota. Then you must try Chanddni Hospital; which is known for its successful joint replacement surgeries.

Also, if you want more information about the factors which may affect your; knee replacement surgery. Then read down the article to the end.


Who needs a knee replacement surgery-

If your knee has been troubling you lately; and has been causing locking and moving problems. Then you may need knee replacement surgery. However, surgery is the last resort; and doctors initially try to solve your problem; through different medications and lifestyle changes.

Also, the problem of severe pain in the knees can be due to; a lot of reasons. A sudden jerk, trauma to the knee can cause it. And it can be caused during trekking, climbing steps, or due to an underlying problem such as Arthritis.

Five key factors that affect the knee replacement surgery cost-

If the doctors suggest you go through a knee replacement surgery. Then it can be a big decision; which puts a lot of loads to your pockets all at once. So, here are five key factors that can affect knee replacement surgery cost.

1. The health insurance coverage-

The health insurance plan; you have. Makes a huge impact on the knee replacement surgery cost. So before you go through the process of knee replacement; tell your insurance company about the importance and the need for knee replacement to you.

Also, it depends on the kind of medical insurance you have; and the amount of pay you have to for it.

Some of the major insurance plans of Medicare, Medicaid and Health partners; cover the knee replacement surgery cost. The insurance covers most of the following-

  1. Your first appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon, for the evaluation.
  2. All the appointments, you need before the surgical process; which also includes the tests and differential diagnoses.
  3. The knee replacement surgery cost, anaesthesia, and operating room.
  4. Aftercare, by the nurses and doctors; post the surgery.
  5. The knee replacement surgery cost of the medical equipment’s like; safety bars, etc.

2. The kind of knee replacement you require-

There are majorly three types of knee replacement surgeries; which a man can go through.

  1. Partial knee surgery.
  2. Total knee surgery.
  3. Revision knee replacement

Thus, the knee replacement surgery cost depends; on the one doctor is opting for. Thus, a doctor after looking into your case; carefully depending on your bone structure, health, age will suggest one.

However, a lot of people believe that total knee surgery is more expensive; but in fact revision surgery may cost more. As the total knee replacement surgery cost depends on the complexity of the surgery.

3. Your knee replacement surgery ‘classification’-

There are two classifications; which are Inpatient and outpatient surgeries. Generally in an inpatient surgery; you stay in the hospital after the surgical process. And in the outpatient, you are discharged the same day.

So, your insurance company costs are different for the two. As if you leave the hospital the same day; you may be charged less. And however, if you stay in the hospital for a night the cost may be more. Thus, the medical insurance covers the cost for both classifications differently.

4. Where you get your knee replacement surgery-

Another factor that determines; the cost is the hospital you choose to get your surgery done in. So, if you have a procedure at the hospital, the time and the stay of the patient may determine the final cost of the procedure. Also, it depends on how your surgery is classified; and how much does your insurance cover it.

It is also believed that if you have your surgery; at the specified center of it; the cost of the process is less for you and also the insurance company.

5. Recovery plan-

Generally your insurance company; pays for the price for a night and two at the hospital. This means that the company has already paid a fixed amount to the hospital; regardless of how many nights you stay. So, do not worry about the extra costs.

The cost of your post-surgery processes such as physical therapy and rehab; which are the big parts after your knee replacement surgeries. Are taken care of by medical insurances.

Also, how often you see a doctor and go for the processes like; physical therapy contributes to the total cost of the recovery plan.

More questions about knee replacement surgery cost? Here’s what you can do next-

Hopefully the above in detail description; about the cost of your knee replacement surgery would have cleared most of the questions. However, having knee replacement surgery can be a big decision. And you need to understand the cost of it. So if you have any further queries or confusions about it.

You can talk to your health insurance company; who will give you detailed information about the cost and the cover of your medical insurance. To give you a detailed picture of your knee replacement surgery cost.

Take Away-

A lot of people suffer through the problem of severe knee pain. But by a surgical process; they can successfully get a knee replacement. Also, most of the knee replacement surgery cost; is generally covered by your medical insurances. So, if you are looking for a hospital; which expertise’s in knee replacement surgeries. Then you should try the Chanddni Hospital. They look into your problem deeply, and perform all the necessary tests and examinations; before they take you through any process. Also, the doctors of the hospital are highly qualified and knowledgeable. So, if you want any other information about the hospital or the doctors; you can check it out on “Chanddni Hospital“.

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