Know All About Pure Sine Wave Inverter Prices in 2022

With the advancement of modern technologies, our lives are becoming increasingly digitized. From televisions to smartphones and computers, everything is beginning to use electrical power as its primary function. This has led to an increase in demand for power storage systems.

In today’s interconnected world, we need access to electricity 24 hours a day at all times, which means home energy storage systems will become even more indispensable as time progresses. Pure sine wave inverters are one common way to store surplus energy and make it available when you need it most. Let us explore the same and explore the pure sine wave inverter prices in 2022. 

What is a Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

A pure sine wave inverter or PSW is a device that converts grid electricity into sine wave electricity. A pure sine wave is a type of electrical wave that doesn’t have any of the frequencies of noise or interference and produces a cleaner and noiseless output. That’s why you can use a pure sine wave generator for power storage in your home. 

A pure sine wave inverter has two important functions, which are DC to AC switch mode and pure sine wave generation. Both functions are necessary to create a PSW inverter. With a pure sine wave generator, you can convert any form of power into a pure sine wave that can then be transmitted over a grid. PSW Inverters are used to store energy, produce pure sine wave AC, or run other devices that only work with pure sine wave power. However, one must explore the pure sine wave inverter prices and ratings according to the requirement of their appliances. 

Benefits of a Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The ability to store and use AC power is one of the most important functions of a pure sine wave inverter. In addition to providing grid stability, pure sine wave inverters allow you to run expensive appliances that only work with sine wave power, such as medical equipment, industrial equipment, and scientific instruments. With pure sine wave inverters, you can also run appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines. 

Pure sine wave inverters offer a quiet performance, so you do not have to worry about the irritating humming noise caused by inverters. Pure sine wave inverter prices are also not high, and they are more efficient than the usual inverters. This makes pure sine inverters a cost-effective option. 

Pure sine wave inverter prices in 2022

Once you have made up your mind to buy a sine wave inverter, you must compare the pure sine wave inverter prices and choose the right fit for you. 

Here are a few budget friendly and efficient options offered by Luminous:

  1. Optimus 2300+

A pure sine wave inverter with a capacity of 2000VA /24V with a 1600W rated power. This inverter is a high capacity power inverter that supports double lead acid batteries, each of 12V. It offers a 24 months warranty. 

The advanced LCD displays additional information such as battery percentage and charging time. It supports all battery types and is cost-effective and extremely safe to use. 

  1. Home UPS Zelio+ 1100

Another sine wave inverter with 900VA capacity and rated power of 756W. The device offers sine wave output and hence, is reliable and safe for the sensitive appliances. It comes with the MCB that makes it safer. It is an intelligent Home UPS that comes with a 32 bit DSP Processor. Features like noiseless output production, advanced LCD display, safety alarm in case of short circuit, etc. add to its efficiency. 

Sine wave inverters are reliable, safe, cost-effective, and efficient inverters as they produce a smooth, safe, clean, and noiseless output. 

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