Lifestyle: how to include cannabis seeds in your diet

Because hemp seeds are so easy to handle, you can eat cannabis seeds every day.

Today, we are not talking about the marijuana seeds you can legally buy online at the best online stores, such as Sensoryseeds’ cannabis seeds, but about hemp and cannabis seeds’ nutritional benefits!

You can include hemp seeds in most dishes.

For example, you can sprinkle some seeds on salads, add them to your pasta and noodle recipes noodles, and use the appropriate hemp seed oil in sauces and for frying. Seeds are also a delicious addition to smoothies and bowls.

Basically, with a bit of creativity, cannabis seeds can be incorporated into your menu every day. Alternatively, you can try briefly swelling cannabis seeds in water and ‘drinking’ them.

Hemp seeds are tiny and have a relatively dark brown rind. They are most often eaten shelled. They become blond, and their taste reminds us of hazelnuts. These seeds come from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa.

Cannabis seeds are now considered a superfood. They belong to a particular group; an excellent example is online cannabis seeds. Nutritionists and food experts recommend these seeds.

It seems incredible that such tiny seeds can concentrate such a large quantity of nutrients in such a high percentage.

Cananbis seeds nurtitiona bvenevfits

Without a doubt, this is the other great advantage of these tiny nutritional gems. They’re impossible to simplify. Raw, add a tablespoon to your morning glass of milk or cereal.

Eat raw by sprinkling a handful on salads, pasta dishes or rice with your favourite sauce. Or included in traditional stews or on baked fish and meat. In the latter case, they add a more interesting crunch to recipes.

Remember that, despite sharing a name with recreational cannabis, this is a variety with no hallucinogenic properties and no potential for addiction.

We’ve only mentioned some of its properties, but there are more and no less interesting, such as its effect on reducing the discomfort of premenstrual syndrome that makes it so wrong for many women. Or its contribution, due to the presence of omega 3 and 6, to the care of your heart.

If superfoods exist… Cannabis seeds certainly deserve the title.

Hemp and cannabis seeds’ internal use

Organic hemp seeds, known as hemp seeds, have a reputation as superfoods. They have no psychotropic effect, with only minute traces of THC. They are rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins and polyunsaturated fatty acids, with a ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 measured at 3:1 (this ratio in the Western diet is very unbalanced and is usually between 15 and 20:1). Its insoluble fibre improves transit, and its soluble fibre prevents blood sugar spikes.

External use of cannabis seeds

Hemp seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3 and gamma-linolenic acid), minerals and vitamin E has moisturising, healing, nourishing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic properties. Applied to the skin every day, it revives radiance by activating surface microcirculation, reduces redness and helps cells regenerate. It is indicated for eczema both topically and internally.

Some attractive cannabis seeds benefits…

Effects on hair, skin and nails

Hemp seeds improve scaly, dry and red skin. They can be found in a wide range of cosmetic products, particularly dermatological treatments (9). The benefits of hemp seeds for the skin also apply to the nails and hair. Hemp seed is a true beauty partner.

Relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and the menopause

Hemp seeds reduce premenstrual and menopausal symptoms for women confronted with them. They act on depression, irritability, breast pain and tenderness, and water retention.

What quantity of hemp and cannabis seeds daily?

Two to four tablespoons of seeds is the best amount! The idea is to start a course of treatment with a small quantity of seeds and increase this quantity over the weeks. For people suffering from a chronic illness, consuming up to six tablespoons of shelled hemp seeds a day under medical supervision is possible.

Legality of cannabis seeds in the UK

The country adheres to the principle of the free movement of goods within the common European area. It is, therefore, legal to send cannabis seeds to the UK and other products related to cannabis cultivation.

With European suppliers of cannabis seeds, recognised for their reliability, users in the UK and elsewhere in Europe will be able to buy their seeds with full guarantees. This is the best way to obtain cannabis seeds in our country.

Moreover, they are often experts in discreet shipping, so you don’t have to worry about orders being intercepted en route.

The best and easiest way to buy cannabis seeds is to use an online seed bank that ships to the UK… like BSF Seeds seed bank does with the partnership developed in Europe!






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