Martial Arts You Should Consider Beyond Your Forties

It is not uncommon for people’s hobbies to change as they approach the aging cycle of their lifespan. Likewise, it is normal for people who play demanding physical sports to retire and change and get involved in a new sport or interest. When trying new sports, martial arts can be quite the experience for most people, especially someone above 40. Taking up Martial art will help keep you busy, fit and boost your confidence. Here are some forms of martial arts that you can engage in.


Tai Chi/Tai Chi Chuan

One of the most prevalent martial arts for older people is Tai Chi/ Tai Chi Chuan in Asia. Tai Chi is designed around forms that people can quickly learn and practice at a comfortable level. In addition, practicing Tai Chi is said to improve your health considerably. Unfortunately, Tai Chi Chuan is not prevalent in the western world, and it is even harder to get a qualified teacher. Regardless, anyone interested in the art can locate a teaching center that offers self-defense classes. Joining these centers will allow you to do activities like striking, trapping, and other skills associated with striking martial systems. 


Most people would look at Aikido and become worried at the level and speed of breaking falling practiced in the dojo. However, most people do not realize that breaking falling is not as complicated as it looks. The trick to mastering the art is to have a qualified sensei teach you the correct technique. Learning to break fall correctly builds up your body strength and core. Older practitioners of Aikido can efficiently perform break falling and execute it even better than the rest of the people in the dojo. Aikido is also ideal since anyone who has previously participated in other martial arts systems can easily take up Aikido at older ages, moving on from training.

Shito Ryu Karate 

Some older people are still training or practicing karate even in their 70’s or above and are doing great. They benefit from karate while growing the art at the same time. Shito Ryu is well known because it doesn’t focus on high extended kicking techniques; instead, it works in short-range strategy and trapping. The members are clear and straight to the point.

Anyone wishing to enroll in a karate class should not feel limited because of age. And if you are above 40, you can always enroll in a course full of teenagers and young adults. However, if this arrangement does not sit well with you, you can always join people your age or a club that trains older people.


At a glance, you may be reluctant to participate in Judo, especially since it involves being thrown against the mat a lot. But just like Aikido, these techniques need to be taught by a qualified person and can only be mastered over time. As a new member, you will be taught how to throw and fall without hurrying yourself. In addition, Judo allows you to participate in age-appropriate and experience good division sports.

Wing Chun 

Wing Chun is a striking art that focuses on moves and combinations that work closely. And with this technique, no real pressure is felt on the knees since the kicks are low and there’s no jumping involved.  Wing Chun is an art that is part of Kung Fu, and isn’t much different from Bruce Lee’s art of Jeet Kune Do. Dojos like the Head Academy Kung Fu school in Australia are notorious for teaching variations of these techniques that are close to those original teachings. 

Martial Arts Safe For People Over Their 40’s

Older people wishing to commence any form of physical activity should get advice from the doctor to know the cardio levels suitable for them. All in all, it’s good to take up the challenge and give a chance to martial arts; only then can you realize that you would have done it.

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