MBBS Abroad

MBBS Abroad? Why, When, Where & How?

The hustle-bustle for the young minds aspiring to be doctors one day has always been filled with the possibilities of ‘ifs and buts’. As a ripple effect of the series of constant plan Bs, many times, most of these young aspirants often end up settling down for a lot less than what their efforts and hard work are actually worth. At times, many people complain of not having enough options available, however, later in their life, they realise that some options have always been there. It was their negligence and doubts which kept it hidden and thereby causing immense regret.


MBBS Abroad
MBBS Abroad? Why, When, Where & How?

MBBS abroad is one such choice. Many times students often claim that they have been working day and night to get admission to the medical colleges of India. Trying after trying to get that seat in any medical college but unable to do so tends to leave the students disheartened and hopeless. Only a few are aware of the options of MBBS abroad, however, due to the tonnes of prevailing misconceptions, only a handful are able to get access to the unlimited opportunity provided by MBBS abroad.

Surrounded by several misconceptions like it is too costly, it’s too easy, it is too difficult, it is not valid in India, and etc, medical education abroad has been a topic of living room discussions for quite a while. So, let’s try to answer some of the many right questions the students/parent might have regarding studying MBBS abroad.


Why Study MBBS Abroad?

As the discussions go on for the importance of MBBS abroad. Let us first understand the importance of studying MBBS abroad for Indian students. Well, the lack of medical seats in India for all the qualified students is extremely evident due to the cut-throat competition and the rat race to get admission in the MBBS courses of government medical colleges of India. 

A staggering 1.6 million medical aspirants had appeared for the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET), in September of this year, vying for 82,926 seats offered in 541 medical colleges in India.

Despite the rigorous NEET training exercise, thousands of students are still on tenterhooks unsure about getting admission to one of the 278 government and 263 private medical institutions in the country.

This often becomes a dreadful memory for all the young aspirants who could not get admission. It is at this time when MBBS abroad comes up as not an option but rather a tool for those who are determined to follow their dreams of becoming a doctor.

There are many such reasons that contribute towards the benefits and merits of studying MBBS abroad.

Advantages of Studying MBBS Abroad:

Some of the few benefits of medical education abroad, from an Indian perspective, includes aspects of:

  • Affordability:

One of the most enticing benefits of studying MBBS abroad for Indian students is the affordability. In terms of fees and even overall cost of living, studying MBBS in Russia, China, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and various other countries are known for their cost-cutting benefits for the Indian students without compromising the quality and standard of not only living but also of education.

  • Recognitions & Reputations:

Various countries and universities hold prestigious reputations and recognitions across the world. Some for providing top-notch education, some for having renowned research centres, some for having a legacy of hundreds of years, and so on. A medical degree from a well-reputed and recognised university holds a global worth of excellence.

  • Teaching Practices:

Another benefit of studying medicine abroad is that most of the medical universities abroad often facilitate student-friendly and learner-centric practices which is in great contrast with the usual monotonous and single directional classroom teaching. This certainly adds up several stars for making MBBS abroad a choice for Indian students.

  • Global Exposure:

The major benefit the students gain from completing their medical degree abroad is the abundant exposure it provides to the young students. In terms of research, the current trends, and even the alternate career fields, MBBS abroad brings forth a lot of opportunities and career aspects for its pursuers.

  • Holistic Development:

The charisma attained by studying abroad tends to differentiate the students from those studying in India. It is because the medical universities abroad focus not only on the academic enrichment of the learners but the overall development of their personalities.

Is MBBS abroad a good idea?

Well, the answer to this question depends on what you are expecting from the course of the education and its completion. But, MBBS abroad certainly assures you of the flexibility to study to pursue your career in India or abroad. However, once having a glance at the above points, it can be inferred that medical education abroad is certainly a  good option. It is an affordable, feasible, accommodating and reputable option for Indian students to be the doctor they have aspired to be. 

Studying MBBS abroad provides a lot of advantages and benefits with very few limitations. One of the major disadvantages the graduates often face is the Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE) which is a medical licensing exam to practice and pursue the field in India. The exam is expected to be replaced by National Exit Test (NExT) by 2023, which unlike the FMGE will be mandatory for all medical graduates, local and foreign alike, who wish to pursue the field in India.

Therefore, it can be concluded that MBBS abroad promises more ascertain aspects of personal and professional growth as well as immense career opportunities, that too without getting swept away in the strong currents of cost, quota, or donations just to achieve your goal.

When To Consider Studying MBBS Abroad?

Questions like “should I give another try to get the seat next year”, “should I stop trying for the NEET exam this year too”, “should I just opt for some other regular courses instead of MBBS” are some of the questions that tend to pop up to each and every medical aspirer who could get the seat in any government or private medical college of India.

It is at this point the students are often advised to look for multiple options to study medicine abroad. There are various scenarios that the student might find themselves in, which makes it one of the best choices, provided that the students are determined to pursue this career.

This set of scenarios include when the student has not achieved the desired rank to get into the government medical college of India and is contemplating about the private universities due to the unreasonable charges of the private universities or has been attempting again & again to get the rank of admission or even to qualify it.

There are several medical universities, especially in the Caribbean region that provide a special pre-med program that does not require the students to qualify NEET to study MBBS. Similarly, there are plenty of options for the students to seek as per their needs and requirements 

Best Medical Colleges Abroad For Indian Students

MBBS Abroad
MBBS Abroad? Why, When, Where & How?

When opting for the top medical universities abroad, there are several countries that hold the baton for the best choices for Indian students. While countries like Russia have been enjoying the patronage of Indian medical aspirants for the past few decades, universities of the Caribbean region, South America and Bangladesh, are also gaining a tremendous influx of Indian students for MBBS in recent years. 

These countries are extremely popular for proving to be a great choice for the students, seeking affordable and quality education. 

Top Medical Universities of Russia

  • Perm State Medical University
  • Orenburg State Medical University
  • Mari State University

Top Medical Universities of Caribbean

  • Lincoln American University, Guyana
  • Victoria University Of Barbados
  • St. George’s University, Grenada
Top Medical Universities of Bangladesh

  • Anwer Khan Modern Medical College
  • Dr Sirajullslam Medical College
  • Uttara Women’s Medical College

How To Apply For MBBS Abroad?

When applying for several medical universities abroad, the students are advised to first check the recognitions and accreditations of the university/college. Once done, they are required to submit their registration to the authorised portals and centres and complete the documentation. After this, the students receive the acceptance letter from the university pertaining to which they are required to apply for the Student Visa at the concerned Embassy. Once receiving the visa and submitting fees, the students are now to board their flights to the university and start afresh. 


At present, a rising number of students have been training their sights on medical universities abroad to circumvent the prevalent roadblocks back home hindering their dream of becoming a doctor. As a result, the number of foreign medical students in India has been significantly increasing. Today about 40,000 are enrolled in various medical universities of 22 countries all over the world and nearly 70,000 foreign medical graduates are practising in India.

When getting admission to MBBS abroad, it is always advisable to get in contact with a reputed MBBS abroad consultancy as they are well trained and equipped to ease your procedural requirements. However, the students and parents are advised to stay vigilant and be aware of the fraudulent agencies. 

Rus Education is one of the most trusted education providers for MBBS abroad with approximately 30 years of experience. Since its years of inception, till today, it has assisted as many as 50,000 present-day doctors working in different parts of the world following their dreams. 

At present, there are approximately 5000 students who are studying MBBS in Russia and many other countries and receiving benefits from their association with Rus Education. The counsellors at Rus Education provide guidance starting from the university selection to assisting your documents for visa and travel as well as ensuring your comfortable stay at the university. Features like Indian Canteens, FMGE/NExT Coaching on and off-campus, observership at the leading Healthcare chain in India etc. are attained by the students on partnering with Rus Education.

To know more about the top medical  universities and top destinations of MBBS abroad, the students and parents can contact via the student helpline number 1800-833-3338 or visit the official website www.ruseducation.in for more information.

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