MCA or MBA – which course to go for in 2022

While thinking of doing a professional PG course in 2022, you should not fail to understand how the market has changed in the last five years. Between MBA and MCA, which course has more value is a question that is being asked by almost all aspirants today.

The demand for MCA courses has evidently risen with the pandemic. Companies had to take huge chunks of their businesses online and highly skilled technicians in this field are of critical importance to their continued success. 

As a result, if you do an MCA course now, there’s no looking back for you in the Indian market. You can easily find a good job if you have sufficient industry exposure and hands-on learning experience. 

On the other hand, MBA courses, especially an online MBA, have captured the imagination of the students. Both MCA and online MBA courses are highly popular today and doing either of them can guarantee a very good job for you.

Key takeaways from the rise of MCA courses

  • A market with demand – Undoubtedly, there is now a strong demand for MCA graduates in India. Top MNCs, as well as small businesses and start-ups, need professionals with excellent digital skills. An MCA course has just the perfect skillset for these types of roles. 
  • Value for money – Compared to other degrees in computer applications – for example, B.Tech – an MCA will cost you way less. In fact, when you do an MCA from a top college, it will cost you less than half of a B.Tech course. 
  • Open eligibility conditions – Most MCA courses today have open eligibility conditions. You only need Maths as a subject in either +2 or graduation to apply for this course. Besides, you can choose between public and private institutes, and in the case of the former, you will have to pay a negligible course fee. 

Key takeaways from an online MBA degree

  • Tailor-made for Industry 4.0 – An online MBA is tailor-made for the digitally integrated world of industry 4.0. Most top companies today require professionals to be excellent in fulfilling their professional responsibilities over the internet. The course will give you exactly these skills. 
  • Cost-effective – When compared to a regular MBA, an online MBA can be done at a cost that is 30 % to 40% less. Besides, you also get the chance to save on your living expenses. Overall, doing an online MBA means you get the same value at close to 50% less total costs.
  • Learn from the best – While Indian colleges have made the switch to online MBA programs, students can also choose from an assortment of courses of various learning platforms like Upgrad and Simplilearn. Many of the courses are in collaboration with top B-schools, like Havard Business School in the case of Upgrad. 


To sum it up, both an online MBA and an MCA course offer amazing prospects to students. It is a great idea to do either of them if you want to explore new-age professional opportunities. Especially with an online MBA, there is a myth that it is not as good as regular MBAs. 

In fact, nothing can be further from the truth. An online MBA offers better value today, and there will be many opportunities afterward. Just pull up your socks and sign-up for an online MBA. You will most likely never look back after you do an MCA or an online MBA in 2022.   

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