Misinformation About Female Infertility

Myths and Misinformation About Female Infertility

About 85 percent of couples all across the globe have the ability to produce babies naturally. It means that they are fully active sexually and fertile. Their mental and physical health is up to the mark and it has no bad impact on their child-producing ability. However, you should not neglect the remaining 15 percent of the world’s population.

These 15 percent of couples are not able to produce babies naturally. No matter how good their physical or mental health is, there are certain issues in their reproductive system which inhibit the production of children. They have to take various treatments including some traditional medications and some advanced procedures like IVF treatment in Lahore.

Issues regarding infertility in any one or both partners can lead to the situation where you require proper treatment in order to conceive and have children. However, like every other thing, certain misconceptions, rumors and myths are also present regarding infertility. Most of them are related to female infertility. And the worst part is that the majority of people believe these pieces of misinformation without even checking or searching for the reality behind them.

Following are some of the top myths regarding female infertility that are widely accepted across the globe.

Fertility is Something That is Related to Females Only

This is the most stupid misinformation that has been spread in the world since human life start there. Although a part of the world has gotten familiar with the fact that infertility can be a problem for both males and females. But in many regions of the world, this concept is still very common that only females are responsible for not producing any baby.

However, the stats and studies show that both the partners can be infertile and contribute equally to low birth rates all across the globe as 30 percent of the cases are due to female infertility and 30 percent are due to male infertility. 30 percent are due to defects in both the partners and the reasons for the remaining 10 percent are still not known. Moreover, the treatments available for both males and females are proof that any gender can be infertile. So the concept of only females being infertile is wrong and reflects the ignorance of the people who are believing this.

No Female Can Get Pregnant After the Age of 35

Age is an important factor related to infertility. The age after 15 years is the prime time of fertility. During this time several hormonal changes take place and reproductive hormones reach their peak after puberty. However, this condition does not remain the same throughout life. After 35 years, the hormones and fertility start decreasing as we age. However, it never means that after 35 a woman could never conceive, which is a common misconception among a large group of people.

Age is a factor that impacts fertility along with many other factors. Simply age cannot be related directly to your fertility because the main things that can impact it are the effects of age on your mental and physical health. As long as you are fertile, and fit by every means, you can produce babies. So it’s not a compulsory thing that the females after 35 years of age become infertile. Females become infertile when their menstrual cycle stops and they fail to release an egg. This might happen during any stage of life at any age and she becomes infertile.

Birth Controls and Female’s Infertility

Almost all women take birth control at some stage in their life. This fact is reflected by the stats of American women taking birth control. About 98 percent of the women use them to control the birth of children. This usually happens during the early days of their couple’s life as they want to enjoy their relationships. But it never means that taking birth control for a long time can make you infertile. Women can easily conceive without taking a female infertility treatment in Lahore or anywhere else just by abandoning the use of these birth control for 6 months.

If you too are believing the above myths, then you need to upgrade your information and search out the reality before believing.

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