Online Casino vs. Real Casino: Which is better

Online Casino vs. Real Casino: Which is better

Are you having a dilemma with choosing between online casino vs real life casinos? Or perhaps you’re just curious to know about the key differences between the both of them? Either way, in this article, you’ll find out the key differences between online casinos and real life casinos.

1.Game selections 

Real life casinos usually have a number of limited options to choose from. This is due to the fact that there are certain restrictions such as space. With online casinos, they are not tied down to space so they can offer way more options to choose from. Rest assured, you can find every single type of game on online casinos. 

Online gambling providers are constantly churning out new casino games every month. This keeps things exciting in the online casino world as the new games are equipped with quality graphics and user interfaces. 

Besides, if you prefer the traditional casino games, most online gambling platforms do offer them as well as the new ones. 


In comparison with real life casinos, online casinos offer the flexibility of playing anytime of the day and anywhere you’d like to. You’re not required to stick with just one location or certain timing. Online casinos are available 24/7 and offer a way for players to play even in their own homes. 

Those who love playing games based on their own convenience will benefit the most with online casinos. You can even start playing on your own bed! That’s the beauty of online casinos! There are little to none restrictions when playing on online casinos. You can also just use a tablet, computer or simply just your mobile phone to start playing and winning.

3.Bonuses and promotions 

One thing’s for sure, online casinos are known for the amazing bonuses which most real life casinos do not offer. For example, online casinos such as Winbox Malaysia offer daily bonuses up to RM888 on a daily basis. You can’t get a bonus like this at real life casinos! 

Even when you just sign up an account, online casinos will reward you with free credit which can be used when playing your first game. New online casino members will benefit the most from the bonuses. In fact, new players might even earn without having to spend any amount at the start. So, it’s like they will be playing without paying a dime while earning some money simultaneously!

However, to retain their existing customers, Winbox Malaysia offers various promotions to keep them playing on a long-term basis.

4.Overall costs 

Online casinos don’t require much costs in the long run. This is because you can play the games at any location or during any time of the day you’d like, even in your home. You’re not required to spend money for travel purposes, parking or even food and drinks. 

Real life casinos have on-going costs so they tend to be more expensive, Besides, real life casinos require you to spend more due to traveling costs and others. That’s also why real life casinos tend to target the high-end players. For example, you can play online slots everywhere instead of real life slots machines.

5.Privacy and no human interactions 

When you’re playing in an online casino, you’ll have ample privacy because there’s no one around you to take a peek at you (unless you’re playing in a crowded area). Nobody can judge your strategy by commenting on it right beside you. 

At real life casinos, you’ll be playing with a bunch of strangers who will most likely try to make small talk with you. Additionally, you’ll also need to go through human interactions. 

With online casinos, you won’t even have to deal with any human! It’s just you behind the screen – that’s it! You don’t have to speak too. All you have to do is just click a few buttons, and you can be on your way to winning the game! 

The Key Takeaway 

In summary, choosing between online casinos and real life casinos depends on your own needs, requirements and preferences. As long as you’re the time of your life, it’s the only thing that matters. You can consider both if you can’t decide between the two. However, we highly suggest going for online casinos as the benefits of them outweighs the benefits of real life casinos. These days, most people prefer to do everything only anyways! 

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