Peace Collective sells “welcome to canada” caps

A Canadian clothing company “Peace Collective” has taken a new initiative. As per it, the “make America great again” cap is being unthreaded and the message written on it is changed to “welcome to Canada”. So, the toque bearing the letters “welcome to Canada” is getting sold on Amazon. The “make America great again” cap was made famous by Trump. So, this cap is now getting sold in a new form. Trump has hardened the rules for immigration to the US. The rules for immigration have been changed.

The MAGA cap was perceived as a something symbolizing hatred. That’s why, the new toque, with the letters “welcome to Canada” is getting great sales. Its getting sold to raise some money for the aid of immigrants who are coming to Canada. In the word of Roland Hessary who is one of the partners of this organization has said that the words on the cap “make America great again” stood for “of hate, of discrimination” Hessary is a first-class immigrant to Canada from Afghanistan. Even the other partners of his organization peace collective are also immigrants to Canada.

The WoodGreen community services is a charity is collecting all the proceeds made from the sales of this toque.

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How to get an H1B visa?

The H1B visa is quite tough to obtain because it needs experience for a duration of 3 years. Apart from that, a graduation degree is necessary. If a license is needed for practicing a qualification, it’s also mandatory for getting the H1B work visa. 12 points are needed for immigrating as per this visa. These points are allocated 9 points for the graduate degree and 3 for an extra 1 year of education and 1 for every year of work experience. However, this does not mean, that someone without a graduation degree can’t qualify for this visa. Someone with a 1-year diploma and 9 years of work experience is easily acceptable. Its because he gets 3 points for his education and 9 points for his work experience.

Companies can have specific preferences for granting this visa also. They can prefer someone with more experience, those with 4 years of a graduate degree and no experience.

Difference between Express Entry and H1B visa

So, going to the US is quite tough as compared to going to Canada which does not require this much work experience. It only needs a work experience of 1 year coupled with a good score in IELTS to get selected.

The visa granted under the federal skilled worker is actually granted for 5 years. But the H1B visa is given for 3 years. The express entry has also been setting huge targets. This visa has actually set targets of 81,400 for the year 2019. Once living for 5 years in Canada, you get citizenship, whereas in the case of an H1B visa if an extension is not given for another 3 years, the visa holder has to exit the USA. With the express entry visa or the Canada PR visa, you can work for any employer, however with the H1B visa, every time an employer is changed, a new H1B visa has to be filed.

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