How Effective Penile Enlargement? Does It actually Work?

Nowadays, many penile enlargement products and procedures are created for men. Many different types of pills, lotions, oils, and surgeries are available to enlarge the penis. In fact, it is prevalent to take penile enlargement therapies to satisfy your partners in the bed. In some researches, it was found that many men think their penis size is too small, but it is actually not. If the penis size is 13cm/5inches, it is standard size.

However, many men have the problem of the small penis; therefore, they are not enjoying the quality of their life. Penis size has a significant impact on fertility procedures. So many different types of systems were developed to improve the size penis. The small penis size of men occurs, maybe for the genetic or hormonal disorder. The smaller size penis creates many difficulties, even decreasing the sexual intercourse of men.

Many companies deliver penis enlargement medicine, pills, lotions, oils, and penis extensions to reduce the problems of men. According to the research, this product may be work or may not be. But most men use these products to complete the desires of their partners. Here are various methods of penis enlargement to make your penis longer in size.


Various methods of penile enlargement

Small penis size is a very common thing in men. So there are many methods available to enlarge the size of the penis. If you want to avoid your small penis disorder, follow one of these methods below.

Pills, lotions and oil

Many companies create pills, lotions, and oil for penis enlargement. These medicines mostly contain vitamins, minerals, and herbs that improve the hormone secretion of men. The drugs which have natural ingredients are the best penis enlargement pills. But before you buy any medicine for your penile enlargement, you have to consult the doctor first.

Lotions and oils are external products for the penis. Companies claim that the regular use of lotions and oils for your penis makes it large easily. However, these lotions and oils actually work, or not no one knows. Maybe these products are harmful to your penis, but some best penile enlargement medicine will work.

Vacuum pumps

This is another method to enlarge your penile size adopted by many people. While using this pump for your penis, be careful. because it may cause swelling and irritations. In this process, the pump will draw drops of blood into the penis. for which the sizes of the penis increase. But this method is not so safe for men. The overuse of vacuum pumps to enlarge penis size may damage it.

Moreover, vacuum pumps use for erectile dysfunctions for men. During the use of vacuum pumps, you have to use penis rings and the device. Also, please read the instructions carefully before using them.


Exercise is another method to increase the size of the penis. As we all know that exercise is a very effective way to fight any health disorder. but in this case, there is no proof that it works. Some men find it easy to do enlargement exercises to make their penis longer in size. Jelqing is an exercise for the penis. In this process, men use their thumb and index finger to pull the penis repeatedly to increase its size. There is some risk while you do this exercise. You get scars and pain while using this method.

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Stretching is similar to exercise. But in this process, one extension device is used to improve the size of your penis. This extension is like a weight that stretches your non-erect penis to enlarge it. In this process, your penile size improves by 2cm with the help of the extender. But this causes damages to your penis. For the weight of the extender, some swelling and scars were found in the penis. Penis extension procedure sometimes works, but there are no scientific results available for this procedure.


Surgery is used to enlarge the size of the penis, but it is a very sensitive way. Many research it found that surgeries are not safe for penile enlargement. because, after surgery, many people get infections and scarring in their penis. Penis enlargement surgery is a very rarely used technique. Many doctors offer cosmetic penis enlargement to improve its size. But in some cases, penis enlargement surgery is permanently harmful. This process is very risky as there are many chances to lose functions in your penis. Some other methods are also available for penis enlargement but are not scientifically proven to enlarge it.

Why penis enlargement medicine should be their first choice?

In the above section, you will get many ways to enlarge your penis. But medicine and pills are the safest way to overcome the small penis disorder. The medicines made with vitamins, minerals, and herbs, entirely safe for your health. Some research found that the ingredient used in penis enlargement pills will improve sexual performance and increase size.

safe penis enlargement pill will help to give you an average length of an erect penis. This method is safer. because, in this method, you take the doctor’s advice which allows you to improve your penis size. Besides this, doctors also prefer surgery for penile enlargement, but it is not safe. it causes harm to your penis. Many herbal and Ayurveda treatments are also available for penile enlargement in India. But After consulting a doctor, you select the best medicine for penis enlargement in India. Hence, medication is the best way to enlarge your penile size and buy penis enlargement pills to get more quality time with your partner.


Science and technology develop many ways for penile enlargement. But it is very important to know exact things about any procedure. Before adopting any method to improve your penile size 1st, you should consult a good physician who helps you select one of the safest ways to enlarge your penis. Finally, take the safest way to improve your sexual intercourse with your partner and stay healthy.
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