Pros & Cons of Glass Pipe

Pros & Cons of Glass Pipe

The age-old question of which method to burn the herb now remains true whether you’ve smoked cannabis before or not. Smart rigs, conventional dab rig, water pipes, papers, vaporizers, handheld pipes, and many other options are available. The quest could appear a little overwhelming with all of the possibilities accessible. Check out the accompanying smoke shop guide to learn about the basics of glass hand pipes.

Pros of a Glass Pipe

Adults in legal places should think about attempting smoking legal cannabis through a glass pipe if they haven’t already. At least once, twice, or as frequently as you’d like. These are only a handful of the many advantages of it:

  • Nothing compares to the silky high you get from a fresh glass pipe. Instead of the substance your pipe is composed of, you only taste the substance you are smoking. Effectively, this means that you are not smoking the pipe at all, just your product. In addition, glass pipes don’t heat up as quickly as metal pipes do. This translates to longer smoking sessions and less lip burns. Yet here, the flavor is what really sells.
  • Glass pipes are simple to maintain and clean. Glass hand pipes do not corrode or burn away over time like hand pipes made of other materials. This indicates that glass pipes will often last longer. As long as you do it carefully, scraping the resin out of a glass pipe to open the airway usually doesn’t harm glass as much as it might other materials like wood or bone.
  • The glass pipes are portable due to their small size. Glass pipes typically measure no more than the length of a stretched hand, while some are as small as a human’s little finger. Glass hand pipes are more durable than rolling papers and are still reasonably priced. These are often the ideal pocket size, though you might wish to buy a pouch to safeguard your piece. While making your final decision, portability is unquestionably a mark in the good column.

Cons of Glass Pipes

You could have already decided to choose a glass pipe after considering all of those positive aspects in your head. Yet, it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t also talk about a couple of their drawbacks.

  • After all, they are made of glass, and glass is easily broken. Glass pipes’ main shortcoming is unquestionably their problems with durability. There may be a few frightfully delicate parts on your glass object that require extra care to prevent shattering, depending on how precisely designed it is. Therefore, even the simplest designs are continuously in danger of failing. When a pipe is dropped on a concrete floor, the thickness of the glass can, admittedly, make a significant difference between a chipped pipe and a broken pipe. The majority of glass, though, won’t survive a severe fall unless it lands softly.
  • A piece of glass that is especially stunning can occasionally be challenging to clean due to its unique design. A glass pipe’s cleaning procedure may be advantageous or disadvantageous. Even while glass is typically simple to clean, occasionally a piece’s shape makes scraping virtually impossible. There are usually alternate cleaning techniques. The flimsy nature of the pipe may prove to be highly dangerous to a smoker determined to scrape the resin clean.
  • Due to the uniqueness and craftsmanship involved, glass pipes are typically more expensive than other materials. The cost of some smaller glass pipes is relatively low. The price of the work will increase with its level of design. Also, a significant factor in the cost that you will spend is the thickness of the glass. Overall, you generally get what you pay for.

You should be able to decide whether or not glass handheld pipes are ideal for you now that you have a basic summary of their pros and cons. Of all, reading a list of advantages and disadvantages is very different from using it yourself. So if you’re still on the fence about switching to glass pipe, give it a shot and decide for yourself.

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