Reasons Abortion Is Right for You

Did you know that illness can affect your child’s health? If you find out you have a serious illness, be sure to ask if it will have a serious impact on your child. If you contract a disease that can affect your child’s health in the first trimester, it is best to have an abortion with Abortion tablets in Dubai.

However, how do you know that the disease will affect your child?

There are various medical conditions that can be considered as necessary for you to have an abortion. In the case of abortion, it is necessary to discuss with your doctor or specialist as it may affect your health to a great extent. Here are some of the reasons that indicate that abortion may be the right decision for you

Cancer. If a pregnant woman is diagnosed with cancer during her pregnancy, then this could pose a threat to her life. Cancer requires emergency treatment, harsh chemicals and proper therapy, which can be dangerous for the baby.
Viral diseases. If a pregnant woman gets a serious viral illness, such as chickenpox or swine flu, during her pregnancy, she may need to terminate the pregnancy. In chickenpox, the virus usually stays in the body for about 3 months and can infect the baby.

Birth defects. If an ultrasound or scan can tell the mother that the child has some serious defect that could affect his or her quality of life, then an abortion may be necessary. Sometimes, with the help of various medical machines, abnormalities in the child’s mental health or physical health can be detected.

Personal problems. A woman may decide to have an abortion if she is not prepared for the pregnancy and is unable to care for the child due to lack of funds or some personal problems.

Barriers to abortion. Sometimes, a woman’s body is not strong enough to hold the baby inside her. The uterus may be weak and may eventually miscarry. In such cases, an abortion may be necessary to avoid a medical emergency.
AIDS. If a woman is diagnosed with HIV or some other sexually transmitted disease that could affect the child’s quality of life, she may need to terminate the pregnancy.

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