When one undergoes rhinoplasty, they don’t always have revision rhinoplasty Toronto on their mind. Revision rhinoplasty or corrective nose job is a common procedure. One’s reason to undergo this procedure may vary. It can be due to desiring further improvement or visible deformities or functional concerns. Undergoing revision rhinoplasty can be a stressful decision. As the surgery is more complicated than primary rhinoplasty, it is essential to have an experienced and knowledgeable plastic surgeon. If revision rhinoplasty is on your mind, here is all that you need to know about this cosmetic surgery.

What makes revision rhinoplasty a highly specialized cosmetic surgery?

The internal structures of the nose are delicate, making the rhinoplasty surgery more complex and intricate. Due to this reason, about 10% of primary rhinoplasty cases choose to undergo revision rhinoplasty. After the primary rhinoplasty, the support structures present in the nose might have weakened, blood supply altered and the presence of tissue scar. One might also experience a prolonged inflammation of the nasal membranes. All these factors can make the procedure tougher, making revision rhinoplasty a highly specialized surgery.

What happens during revision rhinoplasty?

During primary rhinoplasty, some tissue might’ve been removed. To rebuild the required strength and structure, grafts might be required. There are two options available – synthetic and natural. You can choose synthetic Gore-Tex or silicone graft. Grafts can also be formed using your natural cartilage. Potential cartilage harvesting would be discussed with you in advance. As the revision procedure has increased complexities, the surgery takes longer. It also lengthens the recovery period. The surgical plan and techniques are dependent on the concerns being targeted and the patient’s anatomy. Each revision rhinoplasty plan is customized.

When do you start to see results?

Every time one alters the nose, the results become harder to predict. It takes about several months and sometimes even longer than a year for the final results to shape. Though you might be able to see minor changes, you must be patient through the process.

When is it a good time to undergo revision rhinoplasty?

It is a possibility that one might want to undergo the procedure as soon as possible. One needs to wait at least a year before one can undergo the revision procedure. It is important to wait a year because that is how long it takes for the internal structures to heal.

Why is it important to be comfortable with your surgical plan?

Surgeons with a specialization in facial and rhinoplasty procedures are ideal for performing corrective work on the nose. A surgeon who has previously performed your primary rhinoplasty is well aware of the techniques used and the nasal anatomy. Before undergoing the corrective surgery, ask your surgeon a lot of questions and communicate the concerns you have. Ensure that you are going over the details of the surgical plan and post-operative care. It is crucial to have confidence in the surgeon. If you find yourself double guessing that, it will be helpful to get a second opinion.

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