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Taj Residencia Islamabad – 5 Marla Plot For Sale


Taj Residencia_blue world city payment plan:

If you’ve been overwhelmed with the building of The Centaurus in Islamabad’s Sector F-8, then this scheme will hypnotize you even more. Taj Residencia, a residential housing community encompassing residential plots, villas, and commercial plots, is being established by The Sardar Group of Companies, the people overdue the growth of Islamabad’s Centaurus Mall. Underneath, we’ll brief you on just what the venture has to bid in terms of investment potential and amenities.

Rates of Taj Residencia Plots for Sale:

The establishments made their land valuing accessible to the market. The payment plan for Taj Residencia plots for sale is cheap rated and reviews prevailing market inclinations. The wallets of the customers will be safe thanks to the payment plan! The charge of the presented 5 Marla housing land is PKR 3,500,000 in total. Buy N Sale is offering you the most profitable but worthwhile payment plan for commercial and residential plots.


The Taj Residencia makes it prevailing for its society to handily reach any point in a fewer or safe time due to its sector. It does not take further than half an hour to grasp any main points of the city, usually. Blue world city payment plan is a major fact in participating when it comes to property. It makes it easier to transfer and even pursue help or support in emergencies or elsewhere.

Is It Imaginable That the Taj Residencia Prices May Raise?

Several elements will affect the charges of Taj Residencia plots for sale favourably and will reason them to upsurge shortly. There is a lot to escalate about this scheme, from its well-known developers, whom clients can trust, to the amenities and facilities it can deliver.

Furthermore, news of the preliminary of a second Centaurus Mall in Taj Residencia Islamabad dispersed in the market. That is eccentric news for all the buyers and foodies out there. The most delightful part is that this succeeding Centaurus Mall has a breaker rest on its top, which is rather you would not discover in any other housing society in the zone!


Taj Residencia’s Phase-1 is declared and a large area is kept for Phase-2 and more extensions. It is particularly submission Residential Plots, Apartments & Villas. Alternatively, development is fairly small in contrast to other housing societies in the environs. The entire phase-1 is separated into several blocks. Also, it is comprised of predominantly residential & commercial plots. Taj Residencia landscapes Taj Villas of Contemporary, Mediterranean & Eclectic sort in the areas of 5, 8, 10, 14 & 20 Marla.

Taj Residencia
Taj Residencia

Furthermore, its commercial centre is supposed to have international-level and advanced commercial centres precisely. There is a lot of attention on the imminent sector’s largest project counting Centaurs Mall-II along with other amazing services & facilities. Blue world city payment plan is also part of its master plan.


Fortunately, you have choices in Taj Residencia plots on a payment plan which we will converse in detail. According to the Price Plan of Taj Residencia, reservations start from only a 20% down reimbursement. In the meantime, the enduring amount is to be paid in 10 like quarterly instalments. Taj Residencia rates have an extra 10% charge for a designated plot in sorts like Corner, Park Face & Main Boulevard facing.


Living in a country where there is an energy disaster it is of high esteem to have a house with all the amenities to profit themselves. Taj Residencia has the superb manors of your visions and the whole thing you wish. The perfect villa’s striking and sophisticated arrangement, as well as plots, will accompany your living values. Your whole life is making you be allied with a great place and investing in Taj will offer you the chance.

Everything from water to power to gas and supplementary possessions is working properly. People who live in a secluded area will enjoy the suitability of always having all the facilities available to them. The above discussion makes it lively that the Taj Residencia makes it calm for us to finance a property with phenomenal unity. The idea of property is to invest in for upright which is fully satisfied by the efforts of the Sardar Group of Companies and reduce the risk issues at a larger pace. There is constantly a right time to invest in boundless chances such as Taj Residencia. Make it the precise decision for the people around you and yourself by devoting yourself to the right place.

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