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Technical Analysis Tool: The Best Free Support And Resistance Indicator

A support or resistance indicator is a technical analysis tool that traders use to predict future price movements in a stock, commodity, currency, or other asset. They are typically used by short-term traders and investors.


What Exactly Is A Support Or Resistance Indicator?

Support and technical analysis indicators show levels where prices have previously been supported (stopped from falling further) or resisted (prevented from rising further). By showing these, the indicator allows you to predict future price movements. For example, if the price of a stock has been prevented from falling too much in the past, it shows that it is likely to stop falling in future at that level.

Conversely, if the price of a stock has risen above and then fallen back below previous highs, it shows that it is likely to fall below those highs in future. In technical analysis cases, this gives you an opportunity to make money by going long (buying) when the price reaches the support level and selling when it reaches the resistance level.

How To Use The Indicator For Trading Forex And Stocks

Using indicators in Forex trading is an important part of the successful trader’s toolbox. However, not all indicators are created equal. Some indicators are much technical analysis than others and there are a lot of indicators out there that aren’t worth the pixels they are drawn on.

Support and resistance lines are technical analysis using two trend lines. One trend line is drawn horizontally underneath the low price points of a stock or index over time. The other trend line is drawn horizontally through the high price points of a stock or index over time. When trading near these support or resistance lines, the stock will usually bounce off of them. Traders look for this price action to occur repeatedly before entering trades.

What Is The Support And Resistance Indicator?

The S&R indicator plots a series of horizontal lines that can be used as points of reference for price action in the market. These lines form areas of potential technical analysis and resistance within a market which can be used by traders to help identify potential buying and selling opportunities. The technical analysis works by drawing these lines based on previous highs and lows within a market chart.

The general rules for using this indicator are to look for: 1) areas where the lines have been breached where price action has reversed 2) levels where price has reacted 3) levels where price has pushed through or held 4) areas where volume has increased (indicating increased market interest).

Benefits of Support and Resistance

Support and resistance lines are the most commonly used technical indicators. They are used in all types of candlestick charts, bar charts and even point and figure charts. These lines are important in helping a trader know where to place buy and sell orders.

Benefits of Support and Resistance Lines:

  1. Identify key price levels that can be used as support or resistance when trading stocks or commodities
  2. Identify key areas where reversals may occur
  3. Formalize trading rules such as entry, stop loss and take profit points for trade entries
  4. Improve trade management skills by technical analysis areas where you could add or exit to positions at better prices
  5. Identify areas where support or resistance is beginning to break down so that you can plan your trades accordingly

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