The Beginner’s Guide to Using and Charging Your Crystals for Meditation and Healing!

When it comes to crystals, we are surrounded by so many myths that it becomes hard for us to differentiate between correct and myth. Yet, the ancestral knowledge can be deep within the crystals’ vibrations, be it the inner protection or attainment of a finite beauty; the crystals were all that you could hear out loud about!

There are so many crystals found from the belly of nature, but each has its essence and its significance. Learning about crystals has been a topic of controversy, but today, with the rise of unpredictable times, people have begun to find solace in top things that connect them to hope and understanding. 

In this blog, you will find the mystery, the ancestral importance, wellness, and the right purpose of learning how to use the crystals to better your lifestyle and wellbeing. 



Charging your crystals:

When you charge your crystals, you awaken the natural vibration and re-energize its molecules. Since you extract crystals from the womb of your earth’s surface, the first energizing process begins from here. 

Ways to recharge your crystals:


  • Bury them deep into the earth that directly connects them to their source. 
  • Another way to recharge your crystals is to keep them under the sun or moonlight. The sunlight is known to charge the crystals with more growth and stability, while the moonlight charges the crystals with a strong emotional connection. 
  • Another more powerful and human way to charge your crystals is through Reiki. A Reiki practitioner knows how to use the power of hands well. 

Crystals for beginners:

Black Tourmaline:

Found widely in Brazil, Pakistan, and Africa. The Black Tourmaline has the following benefits:

  • When you are triggered and your thoughts are getting out of hand, the stone proves to keep those thoughts at bay and transform them into positivity. 
  • When you cannot keep yourself away from the toxicity and negative energy of other people, the stone is like a sponge and absorbs any harmful energy.
  • When you experience any trauma in life, you are surrounded by a lot of negative energy. When you incorporate tourmaline flush in jewelry or rituals, you can clear the negative energy and reinforce your inner and outer space for the challenges to come.


Rose quartz:

Found in Brazil, Germany, India, and South Africa, the rose quartz is connected to the heart and helps heal it from the pain left by deep emotional wounds.

The rose quartz is known to help you heal in the following ways:

  • The rose quartz heals any relationship problem you are suffering by promoting mutual understanding and patience. 
  • The crystal can also encompass feelings of compassion and kindness within one another. It’s known to open the emotional blockages and balance emotional health. 
  • The rose quartz is also used as an elixir by keeping the crystal in water overnight, under the moonlight if  possible. It is known to reduce the signs of wrinkles and boosts youthful skin. 


Ways to use your crystal:

  • Under the pillow
  • Centre of the home or office
  • As a necklace
  • During meditation

In the end:

All in all, crystals help the flow of good and radiant energy and help the body get rid of the body and mind of negative energy for physical and emotional benefits. Learning about crystals has various benefits, so Evolve Healing aims to share the amazing healing modality with you. The free crystal healing courses tell you how to place chakra crystals correctly, tricks to place the crystals on the body correctly, and so much more. Visit the website to grab the offer today!

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