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The best mobile games you can play with friends in 2021

Whether you’re playing with your spouse in person, or using the internet with your team, mobile games have come a long way in recent years, with tons of amazing options you can dip your teeth into.


With thousands of quality games to choose from it can be difficult to predict what you will try next, so to help you get your next gaming experience, we have compiled a list of the top ten mobile games you can play in 2021.


  1. Crash Bandicoot On The Run

One of the most anticipated games of 2021 is a throwback to the 90s, with the world-famous Marsupial having some action in a special mobile game.


Crash Bandicoot: On the Road! is an endless runner game and brings back many iconic locations and characters from the OG Crash Bandicoot series. Expect more running, jumping, and sliding as you try to overcome clever obstacles to collect prizes.


After being released on March 25, the game has already been downloaded more than 8.1 million times and promises to offer more than 100 hours of gameplay, with more than 50 managers and 12 different worlds.


Available on iOS and Android

  1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition


Minecraft is one of the most popular video games for all age groups.


Pocket Edition plays in the same way as the original PC version. The option to play with friends includes local play, which means you can join the same game over Wi-Fi if you and your friends are connected to the same network.


If you do not use the same network, you can join the game by playing on the same server. Minecraft Pocket is one of the best games you can play with friends online. And it’s a great way to connect and spend time with your younger family members.


Players: 5 (local)

Available on iOS and Android for $ 10.99 AUD at both stores.


  1. Among us


You’ve probably heard of Inside Us after a game explosion thanks to YouTube users and game developers.


Between Us is a multiplayer game where between four and 10 players are thrown into space. Each player is given a private role such as “co-worker” or “cheater.”


His colleagues then ran around the ship, completing a set of tasks while trying to avoid being voted out of the ship, or killed by one of the scammers. In each round, you vote for the one you think is a fraud – guess carefully and you will be crowned the winner.


Players: 10

Available on iOS and Android for free.


  1. Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact is a highly regarded RPG presented by MiHoYo.


He lives in the dream world of Teyvat – this story follows a twin, called Pilgrim, who traveled to many lands with his twin children but was separated from them by the unknown god Teyvat. 


The game is online only and combines the open space of the world with an action-based battle system that uses basic magic and changing characters. While free to download, the game includes gacha game monetization so players can acquire new characters, weapons, and other resources. For more detail visit:


Players: Up to 4 players

Available on iOS and Android for free


  1. Call of Duty Mobile


Call of Duty (CoD) is one of the most popular shooter games available worldwide on consoles and PCs, and now the mobile version is one of the most popular mobile shooters to match.


Includes a few types of simulations you can play, including 5v5 multiplayer maps from CoD: Black Ops and CoD: Modern Warfare for backlash fun and battle games for 100 people. You can easily add your friends to the game menu. If you enjoy this iconic series, CoD mobile is one of the best online shooting games you can play with friends.


Players: 100

Available on iOS and Android for free.


  1. PUBG


PUBG (also called pub-gee) stands for PlayerUnknown Battlefields and is an online multiplayer battlefield. PUBG has helped bring the type of battle royale to many people we have reached.


If you have never played a battle royale game before, place each player on a map, each in a random location, with the goal of becoming the last standing player. PUBG is one of the best games you can play with friends on the phone or computer if you like shooters, so it may not be the best for regular players. To play with friends, add them to your friends list in the game, and invite them to play the game with you.


Players: 100

Available on iOS and Android for free.


Final Thoughts:-


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