TikTok Resume, the New Way to Land a Job in 2021

If you think TikTok is just another “all fun and games” social media networking site, then think again.

When we hear the term “ TikTok”, we think of it as a social media app that has a collection of silly videos. While this statement is somewhat true, TikTok is not limited to dancing and lip-synching song videos. The platform’s short video feature is used for almost everything. Starting from political commentary to cooking tutorials, TikTok is winning the social media popularity game. During the coronavirus pandemic, it managed to hold high download numbers. During this time, the platform was a medium for doctors who wanted to relay pandemic-related information to the world.

And now, with high usage, the platform is meeting the world of employment.

The job market is extremely confusing and convoluted right now, especially for generation Z. Despite an improving economy and reduced layoffs, more than 3 million people have been out of work for over a year. And despite over 9 million job openings, employers are struggling to fill the vacant positions.

After the coronavirus outbreak, many organizations suffered revenue loss. While businesses found new ways to progress through remote working, people seeking jobs in the current times found new options to work, such as working from home. Those with a high-speed internet connection at home, such as Windstream Kinetic, could easily seek and work with remote job opportunities. And especially with TikTok allowing people to resume making videos, there are higher chances to secure a job of your own choice; in-office or remote

TikTok Resumes Videos Reaches New Age Demographic

Over the past 18 months, the work industry has experienced a large upheaval. Although jobs were fully open to essential service, restaurants were forced to bring amplification in their business models. By closing the indoor dining and operating through take-out and outdoor options, restaurants managed to survive the coronavirus crisis.

As per the National Restaurant Association, sales increased by almost 20% this year. Unfortunately, the surge in customers was not able to match the surge in employment.

Even now, as the country is managing to stabilize the situation, three-quarters of restaurants believe that hiring and training staff is the number one challenge. So, is not a surprise that Sweetgreen, Chipotle, and other restaurants were quick to hire people who posted their video resume on TikTok.

Although the employment for teens is high, many young people are still holding back. It is why TikTok and its new ways to publish resumes can be a great tool for them.

New Ways to Lead Generation

TikTok and its résumé programs can be a big source for lead generation. This program can help connect those in need of jobs and employers looking for employees. Companies like Target that need new leads every now and then, can sell their job positions quickly by offering signing bonuses, wages over $15 an hour, and flexible work schedules.

Employers hoping to connect to a younger demographic, like those on TikTok, should not take the app for granted. Almost 90 million users in the platform are between the ages of 10 and 29.

The Shift in Job Hunting

The job-hunting situation has changed big time. It is now up to the applicant or employers to stay ahead of the industry trends to grab more opportunities. Therefore, it is time to work hard and make a 60-second video to impress before someone else gets your dream job.

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