buying bulk cat litter

Tips for buying bulk cat litter.

Bulk cat litter refers to a way of purchasing cat litter in bulk. Cat litter comes in many different types, such as clay and crystal, and it is typically sold by pallet or weight. Bulk cat liter can be bought at a lower price per pound than individual packages of commercial kitty litters, saving you money because you purchase larger quantities at once. Bulk products also save on packaging material waste because the process removes all extraneous materials and only leaves one product per box or pallet. 

Tips for buying bulk cat litter.


1. Look up the particular product you are buying

Each type of bulk cat litter requires different storage and shipping requirements. Some types of cat litter will not ship well in certain climates or won’t stay fresh after the opening of the box. Evaluate your options before you make a purchase, so you don’t end up with an inferior product that won’t work well after purchase.

2. Compare prices to buying online

With numerous wholesale companies selling bulk cat litter, comparing prices on various websites is simple before making a purchase. Especially when purchasing from a company that specializes in pet health products, many prices are similar at all companies, so determining what brand is best for your specific needs will be easy and fast.

3. Buy through a company that offers a sample

Any company that sells cat litter as a regular part of its business will be willing to offer customers a sample of the product before buying in bulk. This sample will allow you to test out the condition of the bulk litter you are thinking about buying. You can hold the sample in your hand, compare it to other samples, and even pour some into your cat’s litter box to gauge if this is the right product for you and your pet.

4. Buy from a supplier you can trust

When buying cat litter, you want to be sure that the company you buy from has been established for a long time and is reputable within the industry. This is important because any dishonest company will often try to make all their profits by selling inferior products at reduced prices. It is also important because any company selling inferior products may not offer the best service when it comes to shipping and delivery of the product.

5. Package your product carefully

Treat it with care when you buy cat litter, whether it be plastic bags or boxes, because it will be subject to damage if dropped or bumped wrong during shipment. The best way to ensure that your product arrives in one piece is to carefully package it when you are ready to ship it.

6. Buy for multiple purposes

Bulk cat litter can be used for a variety of reasons, including helping with the recycling of several different types of materials. When you buy bulk cat litter regularly, you can save money and help your environment by reusing packaging materials from all your purchases to keep them out of landfills.


When you consider all the positives of buying bulk cat litter, it is an easy decision to make. Not only is it economical, but you can be assured that your pet will use a high-quality product with no harmful additives or chemicals. You can also be sure that you are helping the environment by reusing materials and keeping them from ending up in a landfill.

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