Tips for Designing your U-shaped Kitchen with Everything at your Fingertips

U-shaped kitchens are most likely the most functional of kitchen layouts that provide another run of potential storage or counter space when compared to remaining kitchen designs. These U-shaped modular kitchen layouts are Perfect for kitchens with great space and if more than one individual is cooking. Here we list down some of the tips and ideas that will guide you through the design. Kings wood n kraft in ghaziabad is the leading modular kitchen manufacturer.


The idea of glass pendant lighting is suitable as it generates the design effect required without affecting the light and open feel of the kitchen.



Having kitchen cabinets both above and beneath the counter level can result in the room feeling bloated and so smaller. This can be paid by deciding on a blend of kitchen cabinets and spacious shelving units that will make your kitchen space seem bigger and more open.

Selecting the best kitchen tiles 

Selecting the best kitchen tiles is a vital part of the design aspect and can create a significant impact on the last sense of the kitchen space. In the event when your kitchen is a tiny U-shaped one working with light colored tiles is a famous trick that can make the kitchen more lighter and spacious.

Dark Interiors 

When you’ve got a large and naturally light room in your kitchen, adopt it by the dark and atmospheric interiors trend. Despite its dark and inky floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets, abundant natural light avoids it from getting small and boxy.

White U-shaped kitchens 

You might also maintain your kitchen bright with a white U-shaped kitchen design, which makes it seem timeless and will reap the benefits of later colors or an open-plan space where you want your kitchen to be out of focus. Adding color and character with plants, shelving, and decorations will also make a better impression on your Indian kitchen design.


Constructed Appliances: whilst choosing the appliances for your kitchen, choosing built-in appliances is a great way in order to accomplish a sleek and modern finish for your dream kitchen.

Worktop place

This ought to be kept relatively free of any kitchenware because it could be utilized for preparing food and also functions as a temporary functioning area when you opt for self explanatory during mealtimes.



It’s very important to remember the ventilation factor while the cooking range ought to be occupying the middle leg of U shape. For this, you’re even able to continue to keep a chimney ventilator over the cooking range for greater ventilation creating your kitchen smoke-free and therefore comfortable to work with. Also, a window at the bottom leg of the U shape will be quite helpful in making cooking easier.


Wrapping Up:

So having listed a number of the key recommendations to take into account while designing your kitchen, we expect it may be easier today for you. It’s sure that having a U-shaped kitchen designs, things will probably be easier to find out and more delightful to cook.

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