Top 5 Beautiful Unexplored Places In The World

If you are an explorer, you like to visit new places, hidden spots when you travel this one is for you. Who like to travel they called pedophiles. Studies say that people who spend their money on travel are happier than other people. Travel is good for our mental health. Traveling fresh your mind. Traveling makes you smart as well. It makes you try new food. It helps self-development. It’s a healthy thing to travel sometime with your family or alone, whatever you like. Here is a list of 5 unexplored places, these beautiful places give you an unforgettable memory of life long.

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     Lake Muskoka:

Lake Muskoka is located between Port Carling and Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada. This lake is surrounded by cottages. Muskoka is a collection of ondeful cottageges in ontario. 1600 lakes, thousand of green forests, and very beautiful restaurants are there. Muskoka township offers a variety of outdoor activities. There is a lot of public park, green places and lakes for a picnic. Beaches are unsupervised, so if you go with children you should be very careful. It is an 89km area full of beauty.

  •  Gurez Vally:

Gurez Vally is one of the best beautiful places. It is located in the high Himalayas. Above sea level at about 2400 meters. The valley is surrounded by snow-crop mountains. Rivers flow through the valley, the name of the river is Kishanganga. Jammu and Kashmir government has organized a three-day festival to make Gurez Vally a well-known tourist spot. One road of Gurez is closed for six months because of heavy snowfall. This feast-for-the-eyes destination has been around forever but has never been on the tourism map due to its remotes.

  •  Coba Mexico:

Coba Mexico was an urban hub. It was joined by road with many statements. It’s a very unique feather. Coba is an awesome place to explore. Coba is an interesting place. A visit to Coba makes a great playa deal for the carmen tour. You can also explore by two-wheeler. It’s a great way to explore the jungle. The tourist guard tells a beautiful and interesting story of the Mayan people. Coba is the only Mayan pyramid you can climb and tour. The 42-meter pyramid is 120 stone steps that can get pretty steep towards the top.

  • Athirapally, Kochi:

The largest waterfall in Kerala is Athirapally. This waterfall is located in the forest area. 80ft high waterfall looks very beautiful. This area is a beautiful combination of nature. The Bollywood film ‘Guru’ song ‘Barso re Megha Megha song shoot in this place. The nearest railway station in Athirapally Falls is 30 kilometers. And the nearest Kochi airport is 55kilometers from Athirapally fall. Monsoon month is the best month to visit there.

  • 5)  Cola beach in Goa:

South Goa is not a crowded place. Few visitors visit cola beach. Cola beach is a lesser-known hidden beach in Goa. The beach offers a sweet atmosphere and swimmable. There is a green clear swimmable water. You can carry a surfing swimsuit if you are a swimming lover. Staying for sunset on cola beach is a must thing. Goa is known for beautiful sunset but cola beach is extra special. 


Travel inspires us to see new, excitement things. Travel makes us happier stronger. It helps to reduce mental stress. The biggest benefits of travel are to take out us from our comfort zone. When we go to new places it gives us new memory and rel education, what we see we never forget that things easily. Travel gives us the opportunity to meet different people, different cultures, languages, cloths, those new things good for our knowledge gain.

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