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Top 5 Podcast Apps and their feature in 2021

The Podcast Apps is like creating and returning the main piece of information collecting in the era of the internet. This is a superb way to pay attention to the discussion of experts about important topics and it is comparatively easy to get good podcasts. One can easily get dozens of entertainment podcasts where they can tell jokes, relate stories and even documentary podcasts are available about specific topics. One can find complete podcasts on any topic that can one think about. If you are freaking like podcasts here are some of the best podcast apps and their features.


5 Podcast Apps and their feature

1. Anchor

This podcast app will help you to stream your favorite podcast. We assume that we add at least one app that supports you to make them yourself. Anchor is the platform of podcasts that provides unlimited hosting. Anchor will help to record audio, promulgate it on numerous places like Google podcasts and iTunes and bring files from other devices to upload.  It is a clean assumption with a model of business that desires to be successful so that these two anchors and you can make money. Hosting is free and there is no ad or any other annoying thing so if you want to make a personal podcast must give chance at this app for viral stories

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2. Castbox

This is also one of few podcast-free apps. Castbox boasts a huge collection of podcasts that cleanse from iTunes and other many places. This podcast app supports 70 different languages, and language learning podcast, Amazon Echo support, Chromecast support, and much more. It also adds cloud syncing for the support of many devices. Castbox comes forward with a free version and everything but has no ads but purchasing an Podcast Apps is optional.

3. DoggCatcher

This is the most senior podcast app but frequently updated features. Doggcatcher recently has supported many other things like Android Auto, Android Wear, and Chromecasts. Moreover, it has a massive library of podcasts, variable speed, playlist support, themes and has many customization and automation features. DoggCatcher has Material Design. There are no disturbing ads and no extra in-app purchases but users have to pay $2.99 upfront.

4. Google Podcasts

There are three unique platforms for podcasts from Google. The main is Google Podcasts and it is an impartially standard podcast app with playback speed controls and the capability to omit silence segments. The number of people who upload Google Play Music daily of weekly shows, podcasts, and alike material on YouTube. It had a rowdy start but work better with time.

5. Podbean

Podbean is free but later on charges $9.99. This is quite a famous Podcast Apps and it executes pretty well. User can subscribe, download, stream and listen as you choose. Podbean has lock screen controls, Chromecast support, various audio effects, Android Auto Support, and integration with Amazon Alexa that shows users can use it virtually anywhere.

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