Top 5 ways to have a safe stay at a hotel!

You probably know that you should always double and triple-check your hotel room to make sure no one has tampered with it. After all, not everyone is as honest as you! However, sometimes hotel room doors can be hard to open and close. In this case, it is important that you not only check the door once before closing it but also ensure that the door locks properly when closed. While these safety precautions might seem like a lot of work they will help keep you safe.

In a hotel room, the fire escape route often takes the form of a window that opens up to a balcony or ledge where you can climb down. However, there have been cases where loose bricks and ledges have caused people to fall while attempting to escape from a fire. When possible check your fire escape routes for safety before settling into your hotel room and make sure to always keep the window closed while you are sleeping!

However, this article will explain the top 5 ways to have a safe stay at a hotel.


1. Check the hotel’s safety score:

When you enter a hotel, where is the first place your level of security is? The front desk! In fact, the person at the front desk might just be more important than the hotel manager. This is because they are who will save your life in case of an emergency. So, it’s important that you feel safe staying at their establishment.

The front desk attendant will always have a list of safety precautions for you to take. Make sure to follow these instructions carefully. If the hotel doesn’t have any safety protocols, it might be time to rethink staying there because if they don’t care about your security, who knows what else they are not doing right!  

As an extra precaution, you can check the safety score of a hotel before staying at their establishment. There is a website called where you can check out the safety of any hotel in the world and read reviews from past guests about how safe it was to stay there and if they would recommend it for others.

2) Hire a security company:

You can hire a security company Singapore for your hotel security!

Many of the people who check into a hotel are often busy business executives, high-profile celebrities, and athletes. All of these groups of people have a lot to lose if they get robbed while staying in a hotel or even their room gets broken into.

For this reason, many famous hotels around the world hire private security guards to protect their guests from thieves. However, it is important that you call the hotel to find out which security companies are allowed at their location prior to your arrival because there are many unscrupulous companies around who will claim they can protect you but might leave you unprotected when you need them most.

3. Never use the hotel phone:

When calling the front desk from your hotel room phone, make sure that you use a wire or at least wrap the wire around your leg for extra security. Many hotel rooms have special electronic devices like bugs and hidden cameras installed in their phones to steal people’s information.

Additionally, it is important that you never give out any personal information over the phone because there could be someone on the other end listening to your conversation. Therefore, you should always consider using a mobile phone when making important calls from your hotel room.

4. Change the locks:

The best way that you can ensure that no one has been in your room is by changing the door locks. Unfortunately, many hotels use universal keys for their guests and this makes it easy for them to enter and steal your things.

Whenever you enter your hotel, make sure that you ask the front desk if they provide extra keys to their guest rooms and request a new one every time you leave your room unattended. This will ensure that no one has access to your belongings as well as preventing someone from stealing something from inside of your room while you are out.

5. Always lock your door:

It’s important to always make sure that all of your doors are locked, including the main entrance to your hotel room and the bathroom door. This is because if someone has a key to get into one area of your room, they will most likely have access to the rest.

Additionally, you might want to install a door peephole camera so that you can see who is at your hotel door before opening it. This will allow you to avoid any unpleasant surprise guests and prevent you from opening the door for potential robbers.


It’s important to make sure that you feel safe staying at a hotel. The staff will always tell you about the safety measures they have in place but if they don’t, then it might be time to find another hotel to stay with.


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