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Top Sex Doll Brands Worth Considering Today When Shopping At Moon-Doll

Depending on your priorities and preferences, brand is one of the most important factors you certainly need to consider when looking to buy a new sex doll. By factoring in the sex doll brand, you’ll be able to choose a product with high-quality materials and manufacturing standards. Furthermore, the type of brand you choose can give you an insight into how safe using the sex doll will be. Most top brands often stick to safety rules and regulations, which helps to eliminate the health risks attached to using low quality dolls.

Since sex doll brands matter a lot, here’s a quick question; what exactly are the top manufacturers in the industry today?

1. Irontech sex doll

Today, Irontech Doll is one of the most reliable brands worth considering when shopping for the best dolls on Moon-Doll. We love this brand because of many reasons, including the following:

  • This brand uses high-quality, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly materials when manufacturing its products. Two common materials often used by Irontech Sex Doll are silicone and Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). With any of these materials, you can always achieve a realistic feel when playing with your doll.
  • Irontech sex dolls are also worth buying today because of their realistic appearance. Most (if not all) Irontech products often feature realistic body proportions and facial details. The products can also be customized to your desired taste.
  • Sex dolls manufactured by Irontech are also known to be highly durable and long-lasting. Well, this is possible because of the high quality materials and manufacturing standards used by this brand.

2. WMdoll

Another brand worth considering today when it comes to buying the best sex dolls at Moon-Doll today is WMdoll. Like Irontech Sex DOLL, this brand also stands out from others because:

  • It uses high-quality materials, such as toxic-free and environmentally friendly thermoplastic elastomer or TPE.
  • WMdoll also stands out because it uses a top-notch & unique production process when creating its sex dolls.
  • You’ll also find this brand worth choosing because it has different styles of sex dolls in the industry. Depending on your sex preferences, you’ll surely find a suitable WMdoll sex doll that’ll satisfy you.
  • We also love WMdoll because it comes with customization options, which will enable you to choose a product that can satisfy your needs.

3. Zelex doll

Zelex sex dolls are very special and this is due to many reasons, such as quality of materials, processing standards, and appearance.

  • First, Zelex dolls are worth buying today at Moon-Doll because they are designed to feature realistic appearances. Realism is one of the few factors that can enhance your overall satisfaction and experience when using a sex doll.
  • Zelex Doll uses high-quality doll materials, such as TPE and Silicone. With any of these materials, you can always rest assured that playing with your sex doll is totally safe with little to no risk of health issues.

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