Tourism in Saudi Arabia

Tourism is when people travel and stay at places outside their usual environment for leisure or business. The destination can be local or foreign. Governments benefit a lot from tourists who are attracted and tempted to visit the scenic spots present in their countries. The tourism and travel sector plays a vital and fundamental role in developing the economy of the country. For this reason, countries try to welcome foreigners and make their travel and stay manageable. Therefore, governments pay special attention to this sector and form policies accordingly


Tourism Visa

Saudi Arabia has also initiated its 2030 vision, in which it has opened doors to foreign tourists. The kingdom has started to issue tourist visas to 49 countries, and travellers can stay in the country for up to 90 days for a fee of 80 dollars, which has made it far easier for them to explore the kingdom.

3 Most Popular Tourist Spots

A large portion of Saudi Arabia is desert. However, the country also has high mountains, several historical sights, and scenic oases. Such tourist spots attract people fond of hiking, have fun visiting notable ruins, and appreciate natural scenery. You can also find culturally rich marketplaces in several cities.


Al-Ula is a city in the Medina district of Saudi Arabia. It is one the best cities to visit as a tourist because it can entertain people of various interests. You can find breathtaking golden rock formations, lush citrus farms, and the relics and remnants of several ancient kingdoms. Mada’in Saleh is the most famous archaeological site in this region. The ruins of the Nabatean kingdom are present here. Their preserved carvings and tombs attract tourists. This area also became a part of the Roman empire and was the centre of trade. Thus, it also has remnants of the Roman era.


Asir Mountains

The Asir mountains is a mountainous region in Saudi Arabia. It attracts not only hikers but also nature enthusiasts. It has a mesmerizing landscape and unique biodiversity. Tourists can also visit the historic city of Rijal al-Ma, located near the mountains, and admire its picturesque landscape.  


Al-Hofuf is an urban city in the date palm oasis of Saudi Arabia. This date palm oasis is the largest in the world. It has millions of palm trees, creating a lavish green, magnificent sight. The city of Al-Hofuf is a major cultural centre of the country. Tourists can also explore sites such as the Al-Qarrah mountains and caves from this city. 

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