Tourist Attraction in Jonker Street Malacca (Malaysia)

Tourist Attraction in Jonker Street Malacca (Malaysia)

Malacca is well-known for its harmonious mix of cultures and many historical sites. Jonker Street is the ideal place to witness all this fusion.

Jonker Street’s diverse mix of urban and traditional attractions is testimony to Malaysia’s rich multicultural history. The main attraction is Jonker Street’s night market, which takes place every Friday and Saturday. If you want to see the night market, make sure to plan your visit to Malacca on Friday or Saturday.

This central hub is also a haven for antique collectors, bargain hunters, and vintage fashion lovers.


Malacca Jonker Street Attraction & Ultimate Guide

Jonker Walk Night Market

This night market is also known as the best in Malaysia and takes place every Friday night. Jonker Street Night Market is well-organized with a wide variety of stalls and polite and friendly vendors. There are also numerous bargains available and live music throughout the area.

There would be many stalls selling different types of food as the main attraction. There would be many options for delicious street food, including piping hot grilled meats on skewers and Chinese delights like dim sum, popiah, and bak Zhang.

Here you could also find cool boutiques or handcrafts stalls. You can even find unique souvenirs and couple handcrafts at some stalls.

Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

Baba-Nyonya Heritage Museum is filled with three beautiful collections of 19th Century Baba-Nyonya residents. The museum’s three-storey structure is unique from the exterior to the interior.

Two red lanterns with household names and messages of luck hang from the entrance. They are framed by Greco Roman columns. The residence is also elegant with its collection of wood furniture and gold leaf fixtures.

The museum is privately owned by the Chan family, which is the wealthiest family in town. The museum hosts tours that explain the Peranakan culture and lifestyle of the past. During the tour, the guide will provide information on traditional cuisine, dress styles, and culture.

Cheng Ho’s Cultural Museum

This Museum was established in 2006. It displays the life of Cheng Ho (Zheng He), admiral during Chinese Ming Dynasty. Cheng Ho made a significant contribution to Malacca by bringing Princess Hang Li Po, the Emperor’s daughter, to marry the Malacca Sultan in mid-15th century. This was the catalyst for the creation of Baba Nyonya Culture.

It is believed that the museum was built 600 years ago to house goods during Cheng Ho’s travels. The Cheng Ho Cultural Museum now displays evidence of cultural exchanges between Chinese and local ethnic groups. You may also find Chinese treasure ships, tea houses, and navigation tools.

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, which dates back to 1646, is the oldest traditional Chinese Temple found in Malacca. This temple was built using only Chinese building materials. It assembles designs and crafts from older Chinese beliefs. It also includes artisans and builders from China.

You can also find a golden Guanyin effigy in the main temple hall. The temple also has small chambers that are dedicated to the ancestors of the dead. To provide a better ‘living condition’ for the deceased ancestors in their afterlife, they would be offered incense and luxury paper products.

It was known as the “Merciful Cloud Temple” to locals. This temple remained a central spot for Buddhists to worship Guanyin, The Mercy Goddess, and to pray Guanyin. You will notice that Cheng Hoon Teng Temple was built on Feng Shui Principles. Each of the dark timber woodwork cravings has its own meaning.

It should be mentioned that the temple was awarded the UNESCO Award of Merit for Asia-Pacific Heritage Conservation in 2001 after it had been restored.

Kampung Kling Mosque

Kampung Kling Mosque, one of Malacca’s oldest mosques, still has its original design. This mosque was built by Indian Muslim traders during the Dutch colonial period in 1748. It uses a mixture of different culture construction styles. The mosque’s architecture incorporated influences from Sumatran and Chinese as well as Hindus and the local Malay community.

The mosque’s unique feature is the use of both Chinese ceramic tiles and European and Portuguese glaze tiles for its interior design and roof. A fountain-like pool is also available for ablutions in the courtyard behind Kampung Kling Mosque. You can also see cast iron lamp posts made of Moorish moorish metal.

Non-muslim tourists are permitted to visit Kampung King Mosque. Please note that you can only visit the mosque’s porch. Female visitors will be provided with a veil to cover their hair before they enter. SGMYTRIPS is a leading provider of private car from Singapore to Malacca. We can pick you up in Singapore to any point in Malacca. When taking Singapore to Malaysia taxi, . You can relax and rest, let our driver handle all the details for you, and get you to your destination in safety and efficiency!

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