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Understanding your dental care

People may have a dental horror history. Their history is full of dental complications and treatment such as root canals, multiple filling, jaw surgery, gum tissue graft, and implants. If you read through the emotional and massive financial investment they make on their teeth, you feel the importance of brushing your teeth not only daily but regularly. At, you will meet a number of guidelines towards taking care of your teeth.

dentist tips

You may be brushing your teeth regularly, and still, you experience a dental problem. What could cause such a happening? Yes, regular brushing of teeth is okay. But most important, brushing them well. If your brush your teeth hard, be ready to experience some dental complications.

There you can use different brushes, toothpaste, and brushing techniques in cleaning your teeth. Either of them has its blessing and shortcomings. But most important, understand the goals you need to achieve before deciding on either of the strategies. In the article, you will explore some key content you need to keep in mind while keeping your teeth healthy.

Hard brushing teeth causes Gum complications

One of the many ways to tell that you are brushing your teeth hard is the presence of gum complications. Multiple gum complications can help you know that you are not getting it right. For instance, you may develop gum recession. May you have encountered this or heard your friends complain about it, right? It is a common gum condition that majorly arises from brushing your teeth hard. The spongy tissues covering your teeth shrinks, exposing your teeth’s to infections.

Most people are not aware of the gum recession condition. However, the disease affects a significant number of people globally. Gum recession has both cosmetic and health implications for your oral health. You look older than your actual age with a downturn on your gums. It also facilitates plaque buildup, increases tooth sensitivity and decay.

Soft-bristled toothbrushes can damage your teeth too

Soft-bristled toothbrushes are good for removing plaque in your teeth but have long-term adverse implications on your oral health. Dentists recommend this type of brush because of its flexibility and gentleness in brushing. They tend to brush well inside the teeth and reach out to bacterial, which causes dental decay. Their flexibility also allows them to cover more significant surface areas and expose your teeth to more toothpaste.

The ability to retain more toothpaste has implications for your teeth and gums. Some toothpaste is very abrasive, so more exposure could cause some injuries. Before you use Soft-bristled toothbrushes, check on the abrasiveness of your toothpaste. Increased exposure could erode the enamel and gums, which causes sensitivity to your teeth.

Though soft toothbrushes could cause teeth damage, other factors can bring about the same effects. Conditions such as dietary factors, another foreign particle, among others, can create the same results.

It is recommended to time your acidic food consumption with bushing so that you reduce their corrosion effects. Regular changing of your toothbrush every three months is necessary too.

A very old toothbrush becomes soft and doesn’t remove all the plaque and bacteria from your teeth.

Using an electric brush can help keep your teeth healthy

Electric brushing has some advantages over other traditional brushing. The Electrical type will always alert you when you are brushing too hard. it is easy brushing using this type of brush. You don’t need to make the gridding motion while using it. Just hold it steady and guide it on the teeth. The brush will do the rest of the work.

Some electric toothbrushes have a built-in pressure sensor that either makes noise or lights up when brushing too hard. The medical check-up may be much expensive than other types, but it is a worthy investment you can make for your dental care. It is very effective in removing dental plaque and bacteria from your teeth and gums. Just like the other type, remember to change the brushing head after every three months.

Make a dental visit for healthy teeth

Most people forget about their dental check-ups. The COVID 19 pandemics have even made it worse. Despite the high cost of dental check-up services, which may be costly, people fear visiting the hospital for contracting the pandemic. It is still safe, in fact, safer if you put up your protective gears and take usual dental care. There may be health programs in your local community to prevent dental cavities, such as the sealant program and fluoridated water. Such initiatives are good, but they should not stop you from doing your routine checks.


Dental health is a personal initiative. You need to get some facts right to avoid bringing harm to your teeth. Using a soft brush may be a good idea because it will help you remove the plaque and bacteria from your teeth. However, take into consideration the abrasiveness of your paste. Brushing your teeth hard is another dangerous thing you should avoid. Always ensure you visit your dentist for a dental check-up to stay healthy.

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