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How to uplift the quality of double wall playing card boxes 8 easy tips?

Packaging is the basic tool for product manufacturers to keep the risks of damage away from the products. All items are somehow vulnerable to damage, and it is essential to protect them effectively. When it comes to playing cards, personalized playing card boxes made with cardboard and Kraft are simply best. They are superior in protection and help to minimize damaging factors. The printing options available for the packaging are also best and help you in a variety of ways. Here are some innovative ways to customize this packaging and enhance the quality of the design.


Know your requirements

To enhance the quality of playing card boxes wholesaleyou need to be aware of your exact requirements. Packaging comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the selection of the right material also matters a lot. Your design should be precisely according to the requirements of your products, and knowledge requirements are essential. Focus on the shape and size of the products, consider the protective requirements, the need for laminations, and finishes. All these points will help you to select the right packaging.

Study what competitors use

The market is full of competition as more and more businesses are providing similar products at similar rates. Your brand needs to get ahead of the competition and make a name for itself. To make a distinct appeal to the consumers, you should first focus on the packaging designs used by competitors. This differentiates your products from the rest of the competitors in the market. You can select higher quality packaging materials and unique designs such as playing card tuck boxes after focusing on the designs used by your competitors.

Select the material wisely

The basic requirement of packaging is to protect the product placed inside it, and selecting the right material and thickness of the material is essential. Playing cards are highly vulnerable to the risks of dog-earing and rusting. Protective packaging materials such as cardboard and Kraft can help you effectively in the process. You can also select double-walled playing card boxes cardboard for ensuring protection. The only factor you have to focus on is to ensure the use of material that is a perfect equilibrium between versatility and functionality.

Be unique in shape

It is also important for you to make the shape of your packaging distinct. The competition is high, and using innovative shapes of packaging helps you to drive sales higher. Consumers also associate the unique shapes of packaging with higher quality, and it can help you in the best way. You can use unique shapes such as pillows for playing card boxes wholesaleThey are highly luring, and consumers love them more than the boxy designs being used in the market.

Use vivid printing

The consumers in the market also associate the printed graphics on packaging with higher quality. It is totally on the graphics to hook the attention of consumers and lure them towards your products. You can select premium printing options such as digital and offset to highlight the marketing graphics of your brand. These options provide vivid visuals to playing card tuck boxes and reflect the quality of products with greater efficacy.

Utilize add-ons

Another creative way of enhancing the quality of playing card boxes cardboard is to introduce add-ons. The consumerism of the audience is now high, and they also want experience while using the products. As this packaging is manufactured with cardboard and Kraft, you can use innovative add-ons. You can introduce additional handles, lid, and die-cut windows to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of packaging designs.

Select premium finishes

The packaging used by your brand is like the face of the company in the hands of consumers and having premium quality is essential. The laminations and finishes available for the packaging can perfectly help you enrich the feel of the packaging. You can use premium finishes such as matte, Gloss, UV, smudge-proof, and velvet touch on these boxes. Also, copper, silver, and gold foils are available for the playing card boxes wholesale packaging suppliers, along with embossing and debossing options.

Packaging sustainability Audit

Ensuring the sustainability of packaging also matters a lot nowadays. The consumers in the market are now highly conscious about the sustainability of packaging design and want eco-friendly packaging. They also prefer products that have some sort of sustainable tag associated with them. Thus, it is always essential for your brand to audit the sustainability of packaging and ensure the use of renewable packaging solutions.


You can focus on all the above points to ensure the highest quality of double-walled personalized playing card boxeof your brand. The packaging is simply the perfect marketing tool for you and provides you with endless benefits.

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