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Upping the Property and Design Value of your Ozark Home: Interior Steel Doors Edition

Designing a home is a challenging but fun task. It’s like putting different design pieces together to create a look that mirrors the personality of your house. From the house’s furniture to the doors you install, everything comes together to give your house all its beauty and glory. 

When looking for ways to bring up the property value of your Ozark house, never underestimate the power of good doors. With top-quality doors, you can not only increase your house’s curb appeal but also bring up its monetary value. 

Doors can virtually change the way your house appears. Whether your house has an antique theme or a contemporary one, you should focus on installing doors that complement it. Here are a few ways you can nail your home’s door game and get inspired to design the perfect house for you and your family. 


Light Up Your Entryway with Sidelights and Transoms

Your home’s entryway is the first impression your guests will have of the interiors. This area can literally be the heart of the house where your guests can make their way to all other rooms. 

While this area cannot be crowded with over-the-top decorations, it can be designed keeping in mind the house’s overall theme. You can keep some sparse statement pieces and ensure an open space to allow people to move around with ease. 

Since this area acts as a transition between the outdoors and the indoors, it’ll be a good idea to make sure this space has lots of natural lighting. If you have a vacant area above or on the sides of your door, you can consider adding steel transoms and sidelights to the entry door. This will further open up the space, allowing it to look bigger, wholesome, and elegant at the same time.  

Up Your Patio Game with Elegant Pocket Doors

Spend time to decorate your home’s patio. It can be a great place to enjoy the beautiful Ozark weather and have long conversations with your loved ones. This area is also great for entertaining guests to an afternoon open-air brunch or post-dinner drinks. 

With comfortable seats to lounge in, you can add plants and aesthetic lights to create a serene space. With good décor, this space can exude an unmatched elegance. You can top it off by installing pocket doors that give an added touch of sophistication to the area. 

Pocket doors have a clean look and can disappear easily to make any room appear and more open floor space. Regardless of the theme of your house, they’re the perfect way to liven up the space and give a good view from both outdoors and indoors. 

Add Steel Sliding Doors to Your Living Room

A steel sliding door can be the perfect addition to your living room. Interior steel sliding door with glass panels offer a clear view of the outside, and it can be especially good if you have a well-maintained garden or backyard. 

This sliding door can be slid open as needed to make the space look bigger. It also allows more flexibility to the interior of the living room as you can easily move around furniture pieces without worrying about the door’s radius. 

With the appropriate color for the steel frame, your door can also match the theme of the rest of your living room. 

Revamp Your Bathroom with Shower Doors

When designing or revamping your bathroom, functionality is often at the top of your mind. However, the functionality shouldn’t make you compromise on the aesthetic appeal of the space. 

A well-designed bathroom is the best way to make sure your house has the desired appeal. You can start by creating a mood board of colors and décor to add to your bathroom. You can also add cactus and durable paintings to breathe life into your bathroom. 

Take it one step further by adding a shower door to the space. This will not only serve the functionality of keeping the rest of the washroom dry, it’ll also give it the perfect elegance of exquisite hotel bathrooms. 

Get Interior Doors from Pinky’s Iron Door Collection

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About the Author 

The author is an interior metal door engineer for Pinky’s Iron Doors—the reputable and reliable door design and manufacturing company in San Francisco, California. 

As one of the top door designers and manufacturers in the U.S., they offer an extensive range of interior steel doors Missouri designs—including steel barn doors, steel pocket doors, steel sliding doors, steel room dividers, and steel shower doors. 

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