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If you are searching for Pakistani designers with a flair for beauty, quality and elegance, you have come to the right place. Here at House of Faiza, we showcase over thirty of the top Pakistani clothing designers in the UK. Our range of styles and fabrics will be sure to catch anyone’s eye who is searching for Pakistani formalwear in the UK.


Who is Maria B?

Maria B is widely known as the “Coco Chanel of Pakistan,” and this reputation does not come unprecedented. Maria B has been one of the top womenswear designers in Pakistan since 1999, having entered the fashion world with a small retail unit in Pakistan over twenty years ago. Now, she is a world-renowned designer providing unstitched fabrics, everyday wear, and haute couture garments to Pakistani women all around the world.

Buy Maria B at House of Faiza

Here at House of Faiza, we stock a comprehensive line of Maria B’s finest gowns, trousers, shirts, dupattas and accessories. Maria B’s stunning Pakistani garments in the UK are made from the finest materials including Chinese silk and hand stitched embroidery that will dazzle you and your loved ones.

To make your shopping experience more seamless, we sell complete Maria B outfits that come as a set, so you can ensure your outfit is perfectly blended together. Maria B makes clothing for Pakistani women who want style as well as comfort and ease, and cuts her fabrics with an expert hand to ensure the fit is comfortable and flowing for all women.

Maria B Wedding Wear at House of Faiza

The breathtaking MBROIDERED Wedding Edition 2021 will delight any Pakistani bride. With deep red colours and gold embellishments that effortlessly complement any woman’s figure, the bridal edit in this year’s Maria B collection is one to watch.

With a world-renowned stitching service included at House of Faiza, all garments arrive at your door pre-stitched as in the images provided.

Maria B Sale at House of Faiza

Are you enthralled by the exquisite beauty of Maria B’s collection? Shop the House of Faiza Maria B sale today for a stunning range of everyday wear and occasionwear from Maria B, all sourced from House of Faiza in the UK. We take the time to source all our products individually, so please order your garments in advance to ensure you receive them on time for your event or desired occasion.

If you are shopping at the Maria B sale at House of Faiza online, use our verified size chart to choose the right sized clothing for your frame. You can enter your height, weight, age and measurements to have total confidence in your order from House of Faiza before you click ‘Buy’.
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If you are searching for envy-worthy Pakistani garments for both casual and formal occasions, make sure you check out all the designers we champion at House of Faiza, by clicking our ‘Designers’ page and browsing through. No matter the occasion or your personal taste, we know you’ll find something you love at House of Faiza.

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