Voquent The best Online Voice Over Agency

Voquent has an immense archive of over 608 languages and 1,750 dialects to choose from. Customers can be sure that their campaigns will be seen by the right audience whether they are in Russia or China. With Voquent’s amazing selection available 24/7, we assure you that you’re not just getting access to top-of-the-line translation services but also a full range of support and features!

Voquent provides services for voice-over artists and production companies worldwide. From their main headquarters in Glasgow, Voquent works towards making the media industry accessible to more people by providing services in addition to casting and production such as subtitling, sign solutions, audio editing, translations, and so on. Voquent delivers these services in a variety of languages and is proud to be an inclusive company that strives to reach out and connect with culture beyond just the English speaking community.

Voquent makes filtering for your desired voice as simple as it gets. All you have to do is specify your project requirements using our exclusive search engine. You then have the option to select criteria according to language, accent, region, and tone. Some of our most popular options include different languages – English for example, or a lighthearted voice if that’s what you prefer.

Proficiency and mastery

Voquent is the only company to measure and provide authentic, localized voice options with an astounding selection of more than 20,000+ voice pros all over the world. Our backup talent pool is one of the best ways to ensure that your message stays in tone and that you have another option at hand if your campaign’s voice actor becomes unavailable, ill, or otherwise unable to do their job during the recording process.

Accountability and integrity

The Voquent team does its best to support customers that are unique and offer our services in different ways than others – we want you to feel as if each of your problems were our own. As a collective, we work with individual members who have specifically served the audio-visual industry for many years, from individuals involved in producing and acting to some who just act as specialists like location scouts, camera operators and more. We nurture a supportive network of talented people working in film and television so you don’t have to experience any difficulties finding someone responsible & reliable when it comes time to casting actors or making sure your shoot goes off without a hitch.

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