Walmart SEO: Here's What You Need to Know

Walmart SEO:Here’s What You Need to Know

One of the biggest multinational retail corporations in America, Walmart has chains of hypermarkets and departmental stores all over the world.

And with growing eCommerce marketplaces, the requirements have increased along with Walmart enhanced content.

More and more sellers are expanding their businesses by selling on Walmart.

So the question arises, how and what can you do differently to stand out to buyers?

When you’re competing with sellers of similar products for the eyes of the customer, SEO professional services is a great way to get ahead of the crowd. 

Let’s begin from the basics and understand what optimization is and what are its vital components.


What Is Walmart SEO?

Walmart Search Engine Optimization is the process of enhancing your Walmart content listings for Walmart’s algorithm. This includes optimizing visibility in the search results and increasing organic visits to the webpage.

Essentially, optimizing Walmart’s SEO will help you have the upper hand over your competition. You can do this by making your listing more attractive and approachable to the shoppers.

Walmart’s algorithm operates on an “optimization triangle” to determine the quality of your listing and opts for its exact rank in the search results. The optimization triangle consists of three essential components – 

  • Content – This includes the category of products, titles, images, descriptions, attributes, and features.
  • Performance – Performance covers the order defect rate, policy adherence, customer response time, and other performance metrics. 
  • Offer – This will comprise product pricing, shipping fees, shipping speed, and in-stock rate.

This combination is used by Walmart’s algorithm to present the best results for its customers accounting for relevance, customer experience, and competitive services.

In simplified terms, it’s a lot more than just stuffing simple keywords.

Walmart Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is a form of SEO that entails targeting specific keywords that buyers utilize whilst searching for products.

There are mainly two types of keywords – 

  • Short-tail keywords
  • Long-tail keywords

Short-tail keywords involve short and broad search phrases. For example, ‘ men’s watches. ‘

Whereas, Long-tail keywords involve descriptive and specific phrases like ‘ black Fitbit watches for men.’

Short tail keywords are important for identifying the product in a way that both shoppers and algorithms will understand. However, the broadness of short-tail keywords makes them highly competitive because your competitors are also targeting the same keywords. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to use long-tail keywords, too. Long-tail keywords are easier to rank for because they’re more specific. They also generate high-quality traffic, more likely to click and convert, which in turn improves your Walmart search track ranking.

Use a Specific and Succinct Product Name

The product’s name should be at least 50-75 characters long and unique to Walmart. Avoid copying the names from other websites like Amazon.

You can formulate a name based on the following technique 

Brand + Product Size Group (if applicable) + Defining Quality + Item Name + Style (if applicable) + Pack Count

It’ll be also helpful to include any defining features that purchasers might search for, such as model number or color.

Ensure that your product name is also easily readable and appealing to customers – it needs to entice them to click and improve your Walmart’s search track ranks.

Use Rich Media and High-Quality Images of Products

No one will bother clicking on an item that doesn’t show a clear picture of it. The images you use on the platform to showcase products should be professional, in focus, and well-lit, and cannot show accessories that aren’t included with the item.

There are two main types of images:

  • Primary product image – Your primary product image must be a front view of the item with a seamless white background. Cut off (don’t resize) the image to eliminate excessive background space around the item, to make a greater visual impact
  • Additional background images – These images include multiple angles of your product. These images will aid in showcasing your product in a better environment. For instance a handbag on a table.

Highlight Your Key Features

Focus on the specific details of your product to entice the audience to buy it. 

Include three to 10 of the most important benefits and features of your item in the bullet-list form. Don’t forget to incorporate keywords, put the most important features first, and use specific details.

Avoid using any special characters, sales information, unproven marketing phrases, or verbiage referencing other marketplaces.

Select Relevant Attributes

The attributes on a Walmart listing appear as specifications and helps shoppers filter out search outcomes. If you’re selling a phone, the brand and storage size would be the attributes that shoppers can filter through.

Fill out the attributes that are relevant to your item to help you appear when browsers filter for certain specifications.

Enable 2-Day Delivery

Ensure that your products have a Walmart’s fast shipping badge. Not only does Walmart’s new website redesign highly favor fast shipping, but the shoppers also love it too. You’ll get a huge boost in your sales from this feature. 

Having 2-day delivery assists with Walmart SEO because it’s a motion that enhances the user experience, helps listings stand out in crowded search results, and gives your listing yet another defining quality.

Price Your Products Competitively

Price is an important factor for Walmart’s algorithm. It should be ensured that the products you’re selling are within the customer’s range.

Conduct regular research to compare your product prices against other Walmart sellers, buy box winners, and external marketplaces, to ensure shoppers can’t find your products at a significantly lower price elsewhere (even on your website)

Focus on Service to Get More Product Reviews on Your Walmart Listings

Reviews are vital for a successful business in an e-commerce marketplace. They provide social proof and show shoppers that others have purchased and enjoyed your product. To increase the chances of getting reviews on your products, be sure to provide seamless customer service; Answer customer emails within a day, use a reliable fulfillment provider and provide accurate tracking information.

There are two types of reviews on Walmart –

  • Product reviews
  • Retailer reviews. 

Retailer reviews focus on the service of a particular seller and how items arrived. Customer product reviews are focused on the items themselves, and appear in your listings.

Walmart has made it fairly easy for the purchasers to leave a review and they welcome honest feedback. 

Wrapping Up

Along with this information, staying dedicated is the most crucial and biggest factor of your business. There may be ups and downs but you should be dedicated and sincere about it. Regularly monitor the activities and attributes to stay in the top position and target more audiences.

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