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What are the Business WiFi Marketing Campaigns You can Run Over Wifi?

As a business owner, you are always in search of techniques to create effective ways that help you get noticed for generating leads as well as loyal and engaged customers. It’s no easy task especially when you are competing nationally as well as internationally (through the internet). The good news is that WiFi marketing tools have the potential to transform your marketing strategy for your business. Furthermore, it can increase the visibility of your business. All in all,  it will help you offer a better, stand-out experience for your customers. This is why for all sorts of organizations, business WiFi marketing can bring great sales results.

WiFi marketing involves using your hosted WiFi for the purpose of marketing your brand.  We’ll show you some WiFi marketing campaigns that can help your business by giving you the tools to offer a valuable experience for your customers. Furthermore, WiFi for business gives your organization the edge over your competitor as well as create an engaged customer base.


What is Business WiFi Marketing and how does it Work?

WiFi marketing is when offline businesses provide free WiFi in their stores to get customer contact information. Customers are allowed to connect to these WiFis in exchange for sharing some contact information. Retailers then use this information to send out some marketing campaigns through email newsletters and SMS, to these customers.

When connecting to WiFi, the customers usually encounter a signup form or page before they can start browsing the web on the store’s wireless network. Once they provide they share this information, they’ll be able to use the store’s WiFi.

Immediately after a customer successfully connects to your WiFi, you can control which webpage loads first on his device. You can choose to divert him to your own website or social media page for increasing your online traffic. Furthermore,  you can also direct your customers to an exclusive coupon you are offering.

WiFi Marketing Methods and Campaigns to Grow Your Business:

There are many things involved with WiFi marketing that can certainly help your business grow. We will start with some benefits this tool offer to the customers.

WiFi Provides Value:

In this world of the digital era, everyone wants to stay connected 24/7. This not only helps people on getting all the news on time but facilitates them to monitor their businesses anywhere and anytime.

WiFi Offers Faster Internet:

The internet speed of the WiFi that retailers are offering is a lot faster than the mobile data. Moreover, it helps customers to save some MBs on their mobile data.

Some ways businesses are using to increase their sales with WiFi.

Helps in Making Targeted Offers for the Customers:

Customers always love to feel valued, and WiFi marketing is one of the best ways to achieve this. When a customer logs in to your guest WiFi, the information you collect gives you the tools to create personalized rewards, offers, and communications for specific customers. When their birthdays are approaching, you know they want to do some shopping. So, you can share them with some coupons as a birthday gift. This will for sure make those people reliable customers of your business. Hence, using your WiFi for business growth has a great many benefits for your business success.

Reconnect with Your Customers:

When you have contact information like emails, phone numbers, and social media accounts of your customers, you can use these sources to build deeper relationships with them. You will be able to reconnect with them after they leave your venue. Moreover, the information you’ve collected through wifi allows you to send more impactful marketing campaigns, which is great for your bottom line. You can also ask for suggestions and reviews about your services and products by reconnecting with them.

Keeps Your Customers Longer in Your Venue:

Offering free WiFi in your retail makes your customers stay longer and spend more. It is one of the biggest advantages Business WFi marketing offers for enhancing daily sales. Many surveys conducted over the years clearly show that guest WiFi has a great impact on the business growth of the retail stores.

People are always looking for free WiFis when they are out, and the venue that is offering makes them stick around for some time. And spending more time in your venue means spending more money to buy your products. Additionally, for getting more information, you can impose time limits on browsing. To further use your WiFi, they will have either to give you more information or follow your social media account.

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