What are the new innovations to decorate your fireplaces?

Innovations in fireplaces and fireplace accessories have been developing over the years due to the huge demand on a greener environment, a less wasteful society and a more effective solution. We’ve come a long way since our little houses on the prairie. So, it’s time we caught up with ourselves.


Fireplace Insert

Over the years, the fireplace insert has become more popular. However, it does not need to just be used for rejuvenating old fireplaces. A fireplace insert can be used anywhere a fireplace is needed. It is not necessary to have a fireplace in either the living room or the den.

Fireplaces can also be placed in the bedroom. Fireplaces are not only well-suited for bedrooms, but they can also be installed in hallways, patios, and bathrooms. There is no place in the house where a fireplace cannot be installed. This is possible due to the fireplace insert.

Gel Fuel

We can now burn a real flame in a fireplace using gel fuel, which is a relatively new innovation for a cleaner environment. When isopropyl alcohol is burned, water vapor is transformed into a clean vapor that leaves no trace in the home or in the air. However, it burns extremely hot and can heat a room within a matter of minutes despite the gel fuel not being considered a heating element.

Fireplace Mantels

There has been the most progress in fireplace mantels. Fireplaces no longer have wooden frames around them. It is still possible to have such a fireplace, however. On the other hand, you can stagger floating mantels over the fireplace and along the sides. You can use several type of material to build and design mantels like wood, brick, stone and plaster. You can find a lot of information on Atlantic Brick & Stone website about fireplace mental designs idea. 

Vent-less Fireplace

Exactly as it sounds, the vent-less fireplace works. There are no chimneys or hearths needed for this fireplace. There is no need to drill a hole in the wall for any ventilation. Gel fuel does not require a venting system due to its clean burning characteristics.

Fireplace Screen

Another interesting innovation is fireplace screens. They no longer consist of glass and screens. They can now be customized in almost any way you desire. Sparks do not jump out of a traditional unit because of these screen. However, they also dress up a vent-less even though they are not necessary from a safety perspective.

Fireplace Aroma

Aromatic fireplaces have been a great innovation. It is possible to make your home smell like anything you want. When you are not even doing laundry, it will smell like fresh linen. It smells like Wisconsin Pine when you have brick walls and tile floors. It smells like coffee beans when there is no coffee in the machine. The aroma oil can easily be dispersed around your house when the heat is allowed to do the job.

A fireplace and the accessories to go with it have been around for years. However, we are always improving things because it is in our nature to do so. Our natural tendency is to improve things. There is no shortage of choices for us, and our imaginations are the only limit.

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