What is the best place to spend Bitcoin

It all began with pizza. Bitcoin can be spent in more places than just pizza, both online and offline, these days. We hope this list will demonstrate the diversity of options, even if there are more comprehensive lists available.


Online options to spend Bitcoin

  1. Donations & Tip

By paying forward Bitcoins, you could spend them in the easiest, most rewarding way. With Bitcoin, you can easily tip bloggers and authors with a click of a button. You can also donate to a number of worthy causes. Additionally, you can buy Reddit Gold with Bitcoin and give it away to your favorite cat picture poster as a gesture of gratitude!

  1. The Gift Card

Some enterprising folks have found a way around the lack of direct Bitcoin acceptance by e-commerce sites like Amazon and BestBuy. You can purchase gift cards for Amazon, BestBuy, and hundreds of other retailers with Bitcoin from services like eGifter, or Gyft.

  1. Game consoles

Some companies, such as Microsoft, have recently started offering Bitcoin games and apps. Other Minecraft servers actually use the Bitcoin network to power their in-game currency!

Offline options to spend Bitcoin

  1. The food

Take your Bitcoins to any of these Bitcoin Restaurants by downloading our mobile app for iOS or Android. Consider visiting a Coffee Shop, such as this one in Prague that accepts only Bitcoin!

  1. Vacation

Expedia lets you book hotels or CheapAir lets you book flights. The automobile industry is also jumping on board, and while paying for fuel with Bitcoin hasn’t happened yet, there are machines on the way! For those who have that kind of Bitcoin, Virgin Galactic will take them to space. And that’s pretty much it!

What are the ways that I can spend Bitcoin?

You can think of spending Bitcoin in some ways like sending an email, except you’re sending money instead of a message.

It is nice to be able to pay with Bitcoin because you do not have to give up a lot of personal information. Purchasing physical goods does not require a name and address. You won’t need to provide any information if it’s a digital item, and if it’s a donation, you won’t be asked for any details.

You will be asked to pay through a QR code rather than a credit card number once you fill out the required information.

If you’re using a Bitcoin wallet of some sort, this step may differ slightly.

Using QR codes to pay

In addition to the QR code, most Bitcoin payment processors display the Bitcoin address and amount at checkout.

QR With QR codes, you can pay easily from your smartphone’s Bitcoin wallet app (including the Coinbase iOS and Android apps). Once the QR code is scanned, it will automatically fill in the recipient’s Bitcoin address and the requested payment amount. Your transaction will be complete once you send it.

For those who want to pay from a different online Bitcoin wallet, this is an excellent option.

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