What is the difference between sex dolls and sex robots?


Sex dolls were introduced to the market a long time ago. The use of these robots was only restricted to the adult entertainers who were making money from them. But today, mini sex doll its usage has become widespread, and it is now used by couples who want an emotionally satisfying relationship but lack the drive to grow old together. Sex dolls were used only for getting sexual pleasure in old times, but now the trend has evolved more towards other purposes also. People are now using sex dolls, generally called dolls, for better sexual drive, as a partner in threesome sex, and for photographic purposes. Other than these, sex dolls are also in use for love companions and for therapeutic drives in humans. Today in this article I am going to elaborate on sex dolls. What are sex dolls actually? How has its usage evolved to reach a peak in our society? What are the different designs of sex dolls in use nowadays? What is the difference between sex dolls and sex robots? So without any delay, let’s start.

What is the difference between sex dolls and sex robots?

Sex dolls

Sex dolls, or scientifically known as sex robots, are more human-like structures with idealized and customized anthropomorphic bodies made of different materials. The most commonly used materials to make sex dolls are silica gel, TPE soft rubber, a thermoplastic elastomer, and cloth-stuffed sex dolls. Sex dolls have at least one orifice or more than one orifice, such as an anal orifice, vaginal orifice, or mouth orifice. Sex dolls can have one orifice at a time or can have all the orifices like humans. Sex doll orifices are made in such a way that they can be removed for cleaning purposes and then be re-installed again.

The most basic function of sex dolls is sexual pleasure, but other than this function, they can also serve as photo models, artificial love companions, and social partners. Most people who have faced divorce in their lives find sex dolls a better life partner in sexual intimacy.

Sex dolls come in very different and diversified classes. We can simply classify them on the basis of size, color, age, and body type, but some companies are also making sex dolls with diversity in hair color and texture, as well as eye color.

On the basis of size, we can classify them as petite body, BBW sex dolls, and flat-chested sex dolls. If we go by color and race, there are white, black, and Asian types of sex dolls. You can find sex dolls with different eye and hair colors according to your needs.

There are other options, like portrait sex dolls or abstract sex dolls. Portrait sex dolls have human faces or you can customize the face according to your needs. On the other hand, abstract sex dolls are just like toys, and their faces don’t resemble anybody. Sex dolls are also available in different sex, such as female, male, or transgender.

Sex robots

Sex robots are much like sex dolls, but they are different in some ways. Sex robots are humanoid robots equipped with different technologies made up of different materials and come in various price ranges for the sexual use of human beings.

The major difference between sex dolls and sex robots is that the sex robots are equipped with sensors and various artificial intelligence technologies. Sometimes they are known as robotics sex dolls, or AI dolls. Sex robots have all functionalities of sex dolls but they are more modified version actually and have ability to talk and have emotional touch also which not available in simple sex dolls. Conversational and emotional skills make sex robots more like a real partner and you can enjoy in a more better way. Sex robots have ability to move hands and sensation of orgasm also but these attributes make sex robots more expensive than sex dolls. It has also more maintenance cost as compared to sex dolls and need more care.


As we have discussed about the difference between sex dolls and sex robots, now I think you are able to find which one is better. Sex robots have more functional abilities as compared to sex dolls but they are not yet more common in our society and have more maintenance cost. Sex robots are very expensive to purchase so I suggest you to go for sex doll instead of sex robots. Sex dolls have a large variety to buy such as flat chested sex doll, and BBW sex doll, now you can purchase one very easily, just click the link and you will land in a diversified kingdom of sex dolls. Purchase one and enjoy your life.



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