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What is the full form for BPSC? How to prepare for the 67th BPSC Exam?

Bihar Public Service Commission, or the BPSC, is a government agency formed under the constitution of India in 1949. Its chief function is to recruit candidates for civil duties in Bihar and will be conducting its 67th BPSC exam in 2021. Civil services are a highly respected profession in India that also pays very well to its officers. Along with the indicated, it also provides new learning opportunities and experiences to its officers.

To secure this golden opportunity, millions of aspirants from all over the country will be competing for 723 vacancies available. The 67th BPSC examination will be conducted online in MCQ format and holds quite a significance for a civil service aspirant. The exam is three-leveled, comprising of prelims, mains, and an interview. The candidate to clear all the three stages is selected.

BPSC Syllabus, Pattern and Marking Scheme

As the examination goes in three stages, each stage has its own set of exams and syllabus. The first exam is the prelims.

The Prelims-The syllabus of BPSC Prelims consists of general science, events of national and international importance, world history, history of Bihar, Indian Economy and Polity, post-independence changes in the economy of Bihar, The Indian National Movement, and the role of Bihar in it, Geography, Geography of Bihar, and general ability. The examination is of 150 marks and is 2 hours long. No negative marking and the candidate is securing the minimum cutoff is qualified for the mains.

The Mains– Candidates passing the prelims are entitled to the mains. The mains are the second stage of the BPSC examinations and consist of four exam papers comprising of the following syllabus-

  • General Hindi – this is a 100 marks paper. At least 30 marks are needed to clear the exam.
  • General Studies paper 1 – this exam is for 300 marks.
  • General Studies paper 2 – likewise paper 1, this exam is also for 300 marks.
  • One Optional subject – this exam is for 300 marks, and the candidate can choose from the 34 subjects provided for their optional preference.

Each exam is 3 hours long, and the candidate is asked to write long descriptive-type answers. According to the candidate’s liking, one can write the answers in Hindi, English, or Urdu. Once the candidate clears the MAINS examination, they are qualified to appear in the interviews. To qualify for the mains examination, the candidate shall obtain the minimum cut-out percentage.

Interview This is the last examination stage, and the candidate clearing the interview is finally recruited in the Civil Services by the BPSC. The interview examination is of 120 marks. The final merit list is produced is based on the mains and interviews.

Depending on the social category of the candidate appearing, there are different qualifying percentile for the 3 examinations. For the prelims, candidates belonging to the general category need at least 40% for qualifying. The B.C. needs 36.5%, OBC qualifies at 34%. Women/SC/ST/PWD need to obtain at least 32% marks.

For the main examinations, the general candidates should obtain a minimum of 40%. The candidates belonging to BC and OBC are required to procure 36.5% and 34% sequentially. The SC, ST, and women appearing shall secure at least 32% marks to appear at the interviews.

Preparing for BPSC can be challenging but not with BYJU’s Exam Prep. For a candidate to produce maximum results in the minimum time, one may possess a good amount of knowledge on the syllabus. One should have their concepts clear and need to know tricks that can come in handy.

Key points to remember while preparing and appearing for the examination-

  1. The candidate should have all the concepts and learned clearly.
  2. The preferred language should be the language in which the candidate is fluent and can answer confidently.
  3. The optional subject should be the candidate’s most preferred subject for securing maximum marks.
  4. Time management is the key to success.
  5. Questions that require more time should be solved first.
  6. As negative marking is excluded, the candidate should have their prime focus on the questions they are confident in.


Flashcards, notes, questionnaires, brainstorms, charts, linking trees, quizzes, mind maps, mock tests, etc., can be proved helpful. Also, ‘BYJU’s Exam Prep’ can actively help.

With the correct preparation and hard work, the aspirants can pursue their ambition of becoming civil officers under the Bihar Public Service Commission trouble-free.

With the right guidance and proper learning, one can easily crack the examination. Mock tests issued helps in better preparation. Along with this, a candidate must wisely choose the optional subject they wish to appear in the mains.

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